According to horror enthusiasts like you, these are the best paranormal moviesavailable to stream on Hulu, so be prepared to get goosebumps while reading this.

Even viewers who typically avoid scary or paranormal movies will enjoy the fantastic scares on our selection of Hulu paranormal movies.

On the Hulu streaming service, paranormal offers a rich library of constantly-rotating films from both the past and the present. And you’re lucky if you enjoy the paranormal as much as we do.

This list of the best paranormal movies on Hulu results from our ongoing monitoring of the streaming service’s newest spine-tinglers.

13. Depraved (2019)

Since no one has recently presented a novel interpretation of the Frankenstein story, we’re happy to announce that Larry Fessenden, a pillar of the genre, has fulfilled our longings.

Depraved, starring David Call as Henry, a PTSD-afflicted field surgeon forced to assemble a “monster” out of various human limbs and parts.

Transposes the rural Swiss highlands for the vibrant streets of Brooklyn. However, “Adam” (Alex Breaux) is brought to life after securing the brain.

Still, Henry should have foreseen the difficulties in educating his new creation about how to survive in the all-too-real world of life after death.

In Fessenden’s Depraved, there is a surprisingly high emotional gravity on the show, making for a highly engaging venture into the shared universe of B-movie craziness meets lo-fi drama. Depaved is one of the best paranormal movies on Hulu.

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