February 18, 2020
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Glenn McQuaid chats with People I Think Are Cool

From People I Think Are Cool: Glenn McQuaid is a writer, director, producer, and musician. He is the co-creator of the popular horror audio play & anthology series Tales from Beyond the Pale. He’s also the writer and director of the film I Sell the Dead, starring Ron Perlman and Dominic Monaghan. I discovered Glenn through his music created under the name Witchboard. Glenn is incredibly talented. In this episode, we talk about working in different mediums, creating stories with Larry Fessenden, the music that inspires him, and using sound to tell scary tales. 
Take a listen HERE
October 17, 2019
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Episode 2: In The Wind
Written and Directed by Larry Fessenden.
Starring Janet Scanlon, Sam Zimmerman, Clay McLeod Chapman, Larry Fessenden,
poster by Brian Level

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April 12, 2019
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Tales From Beyond The Pale: THE GRANDFATHER now on Vinyl LP! A Holy Mountain exclusive

Our pals at Holy Mountain Printing release vinyl of
Graham Reznick’s THE GRANDFATHER, featuring Angus Scrimm.
 Available on glow in the dark or split blue/green 12″ vinyl.
This release is limited to a total of 500 pieces. 

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August 20, 2018
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GEP Dispatch #22: TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE at Lincoln Center Aug 22!

January 3, 2018
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TALES on Horror Happens Radio: special guest interviews

From Horror Happens: 

The Horror Happens Radio Show presents our 2nd full episode focused on Glass Eye Pix’s radio dramas for a digital age in Tales From Beyond The Pale! We talk season 4, previous seasons, the locations, sound magic and much, much more… joining my observation of the various aspects of the new season we welcome Creators Larry Fessenden & Glenn McQuaid and contributors April Snellings, Graham Reznick, A.J. Bowen, Douglas Buck, Clay McLeod Chapman and Daniel Noah plus full conversations with Filmmakers Joe Maggio and Simon Rumley talking their previous episodes and Tales Journey.

Listen to the episode HERE

November 1, 2017
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IndieWire: Overlook Film festival moves to New Orleans!

The festival that began as the Stanley Film Festival in Boulder Colorado and has hosted Tales From Beyond The Pale for three years running, most recently at the Timberline Lodge in Oregon, has moved again to the Haunted Bourbon Hotel in Haunted New Orleans. IndieWire has the scoop!
October 17, 2017
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McQuaid and Fessenden discuss the origins of Tales from Beyond the Pale
and why YOU should buy Season 4!
May 1, 2017
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TALES at the Overlook: “One of the coolest events that the fest has to offer”

Tales at the Overlook Film Festival, 29 April 2017:
Clay McLeod Chapman, Larry Fessenden, Beck Underwood, Sam Zimmerman,
Glenn McQuaid, Janet Scanlon, Lee Nussbaum, Devin Febbroriello

From Kalyn Corrigan of Bloody Disgusting

After the movie had ended I ran over to the Barlow room, where I got to see one of the coolest events that the fest has to offer – Tales From Beyond the Pale. Like an old H.G. Wells show, four actors, including Larry Fessenden and Sam Zimmerman, voiced two live readings of creepy Twilight Zone-esque stories that left me feeling like I was in the 1950s huddled up next to family members and a roaring fireplace as we listened to our favorite radio program. I mean, there were even two ladies on the side of the stage putting their hands in shoes and making them walk on a piece of wood to create the illusion that someone was stomping through a house. When a character in a story experienced turbulence on an airplane, they clinked together drinking glasses to make it seem like the actors were really on a plane. “Phonecalls” were voiced through a megaphone to make it sound authentic, and an old wooden chair was swiveled back and forth under a microphone to mimic the creaks of an aging house moaning in the wind. It was truly fascinating to see these stories leap off the page and become alive right before me.

The second story titled “In the Wind” took place in a snowy mountain town, where two sweet little police officers named Frannie and Carl followed up a call about some missing truckers who had left their cars and been found hundreds of feet away without an explanation. Before long, gargoyle-like winged creatures appear and ravage the officers, stealing from them their lives and their sanity. I enjoyed both stories immensely, but the first one was especially cool. In it, a self-absorbed man named Tom hangs up the phone with his wife who pleads with him yet again not to move their family away to Ireland, but to no avail. Just as he ends the call, a knock appears at the door, and it’s a strange gentleman who offers to buy the house they’re trying to sell on the spot, without haggling, above the asking price. Tom jumps at the chance but begins to grow suspicious of this odd character after he begins asking for other things, too, such as Tom’s dog, and then his wife, and his two children. At first, Tom grows angry, but as the soothing spirit coaxes him with his Irish tongue and twisted logic, Tom finds himself adhering to this strange and unusual deal, he comes to see it as a bargain and gladly trades in his old life for a new one. He’ll soon live to regret it.

I simply cannot praise Larry Fessenden enough. From his writing to his acting, and even just his voice all carry a unique sense of the old world. When he shows up for a job, you can just tell that he’s there and doing it because he loves to perform. He loves his job. It’s not about the money, it’s about the craft, and every project he’s a part of becomes that much more special just because of his commanding presence. It was a real joy to witness him live and in person.

rehearsal gets ghostly

April 23, 2017
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TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE at The Overlook Film Fest 4/29/17

Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden are pleased to present a TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE LIVE event at the Premiere Edition of the newly minted Overlook Film Festival outside Portland Oregon at the famed Overlook Hotel seen in Kubrick’s THE SHINING.

On the bill are two new macabre stories, penned just for the occasion: McQuaid’s Reappraisal and Fessenden’s  In The Wind. Lending their voice talents will be Tales regulars Clay McLeod Chapman and Sam Zimmerman along with special guests and your host, Larry Fessenden. McQuaid will be on hand to trigger music and effects, while Beck Underwood and Devin Febbroriello will provide foley, all live-mixed by audio maestro Lee Nussbaum.

The team promises to deliver thought provoking chills and thrills, and would like to remind you that if things get too scary… covering your eyes won’t help.

Special event poster by Brian Level.

Tales from Beyond the Pale
LIVE in The Barrow Room, Saturday, April 29 at 4pm

McQuaid and Fessenden are having none of it.

Now in its sixth year of operation, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, the brainchild of Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid, has delivered over forty original audio dramas to the eager ears of horror fans the world over. Their most recent batch of Tales, Season 3, “We’re All Ears” won Best Audio Drama Series at the New York Festival Audio Awards, and their forth season, “Wish You Were Hear,” a collection of live shows from the past three years is set to be released this Halloween.

October 19, 2016
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Tales from Beyond the Pale LIVE @ Lincoln Center!

Join Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden as they present two tales of terror LIVE at Lincoln Center tomorrowThursday October  20th at 7PM!

Featuring the voice talent of James Le Gros, Noah Le Gros, Lauren Ashley Carter, Larry Fessenden, John Speredakos, Mathew Stephen Huffman. Music by Glenn McQuaid and Jack Fessenden. Foley by Chris Skotchdopole and Tessa Price.

Buy tickets HERE