February 10, 2023
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Buzzfeed: STAKE LAND featured on Post-Apocalyptic Movies For Fans Of HBO’s “The Last Of Us”

13. STAKE LAND: Doing for the vampire genre what The Walking Dead did for the zombie genre, Stake Land also has the older mentor/young companion dynamic of The Last of Us with a similar bleakness and shock factor. Moreover, Stake Land is bolstered by astounding cinematography, inspired direction, and extraordinary performances, especially by the dynamic duo of Connor Paolo and Nick Damici.

GEP Pal Jeremy Gardner’s zombie flick
THE BATTERY also made it on the list. 

See full list HERE

October 7, 2022
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Buzzfeed: STAKE LAND “31 Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen”

31 Horror Films You Might Not Have Seen (But Can Stream This Spooky Season)

#1) STAKE LAND: With a grim, grounded take on a post-apocalyptic horror story akin to The Walking Dead, this gruesome fright flick follows a group of nomadic humans who must rely on one another to survive a world overrun by vampires.

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August 11, 2022
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IGN: STAKE LAND one of “The 25 Best Vampire Movies of All Time”

From IGN: The feral intensity of Stake Land can feel like a direct response to Twilight, as this film was released only about two years after the infamous young adult vampire romance. Jim Mickle and co-writer Nick Damici (who also stars) approach vampires with an apocalyptic lens, where survivors now wander infested territories trying to find safe havens like in Zombieland — except trade humor for beastly tension. Damici’s playing a vampire hunter who takes a mentee under his wing, teaching him tricks while navigating vampire hordes who thrash, gnash, and rip at throats. Dystopian wasteland vibes are paramount, and action is relentless, making Stake Land one of the more effective responses to vampires as love interests in a post-Twilight world.


December 13, 2021
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MovieWeb: STAKE LAND “Underrated Vampire Films You Need To See”

Movie Web: “The story is emotional, the acting is well-done, and the creatures & gore effects look fantastic. The film keeps its audience invested well after the watch, as the filmmakers released prequel shorts on Youtube that dive into the character’s backstories. The film donned one sequel, The Stakelander (2016), which wasn’t bad!”

STAKE LAND is streaming on Peacock and Amazon Prime. Watch the Stake Land Webisodes available on the Glass Eye Youtube channel. 

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October 2, 2020
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Glass Eye Pix at the Drive-In this Weekend

BITTER FEAST and STAKE LAND unspool at the Woodstock Film Festival
as part of the Glass Eye Pix 35 year anniversary Tribute.

Director Joe Maggio talks with Joshua Leonard
about BITTER FEAST before the film.
Producers Brent Kunkle and Fessenden discuss making
Jim Mickle’s epic STAKE LAND before the film.
Get your tix HERE. Browse the GEP YouTube channel for the
Bitter Feast Trailer and the Stake Land Trailer and more!
March 18, 2020
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GEP Quaranstream: STAKE LAND on Amazon Prime Video

Directed by Jim Mickle

Starring Connor PaoloNick DamiciKelly McGillis,
Danielle Harris, Sean Nelson and Michael Cerveris.

“The American Horror Film of the Year”

“The Mayhem is beautifully composed. The Performances are terrific.”

“Harrowing! Puts vampires back where they belong — in your nightmares, and at your throat!”

Now Streaming

June 28, 2018
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TBT: Jim Mickle and Fessenden

2011: GEP pal Jim Mickle and Fessenden during STAKE LAND festival run.

Jim Mickle and Michael C. Hall back at it again in sci-fi thriller series
IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON, coming to Netflix.
Read Collider article HERE

October 3, 2017
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The Stake Land Collection; now available on Blu-ray and DVD!


December 7, 2016
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Netflix Gem: #87 Stake Land

STAKE LAND ranks in at #87 on AudienceEverywhere’s Netflix Gem list.  

“Stake Land has achieved cult status for good reason, becoming a fan-favourite for its heart and effort alone. Not only do we get a brutal wasteland to traverse, but one filled with vampires instead of zombies”

Read full article HERE

July 11, 2016
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Exploring STAKE LAND on GBF

Just landed on You Tube: GoodBadFlicks in-depth exploration of Jim Mickle’s Stake Land.