March 16, 2020
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GEP Quaranstream: RIVER OF GRASS on The Criterion Channel

Written & Directed by Kelly Reichardt

A drowsy, sun-drunk road movie in which a would-be Bonnie and Clyde
never really commit a crime, fall in love, or even hit the road.

“Highly original and filmed with perfect assurance…
one of the finest independent films of recent years.”

“A lively, entertaining movie about how life isn’t like the movies.”

“One of year’s smartest indies. Not for squares.”

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August 30, 2019
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Weekends with GEP: River of Grass

This Labor Day Weekend, revisit Kelly Reichardt’s first film, RIVER OF GRASS.
Starring Lisa Bowman and Larry Fessenden. Now streaming on Hulu

Congratulations to Reichardt for her latest film FIRST COW
unspooling at New York Film Fest in the Fall!

September 19, 2018
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RIVER OF GRASS among Florida Flicks in Flamingo: Steve Dollar reports



From Flamingo: “There seems to be some sort of underbelly,” says Larry Fessenden, a New York-based genre film producer who also co-starred in one of the classic Florida outlaw movies, River of Grass. The 1994 debut film of writer-director Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy,Certain Women), rereleased in 2016 and widely available to stream, emulates vintage film noir in the desperate tale of two lovers on the lam, fleeing the fuzz after a random act of violence. Except no one is dead, the lovers aren’t in love and the police aren’t looking that hard to find them.

“It’s kids on the run without them getting anywhere.” The anti-drama, as Fessenden calls it, evokes Marjory Stoneman Douglas’s 1947 book about the Everglades as it soaks in the  ambience of fringy Dade County, where Reichardt, daughter of a crime scene investigator and a narcotics agent, grew up. It’s the best sort of Florida movie, one that uses a familiar plot formula, but discards predictability like a lukewarm Icee to capture something essential in the humid, mosquito-ridden, sun-bleached, nothing-much of it all.

Read Full Article HERE

September 11, 2017
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RIVER OF GRASS unspools at MoMA 9.12.17 — Q & A with Reichardt and Fessenden to follow

Kelly Reichardt: Powerfully Observant

The Museum of Modern Art

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

7:00 p.m.
River of Grass
Presented in 35mm
Post-screening discussion with Reichardt & Fessenden

Tix on sale

May 21, 2016
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Extended Cuts: RIVER OF GRASS interview, cont.

Extended chat with Fessenden on the River of Grass shoot and restoration

May 18, 2016
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Larry Fessenden flaps his gums about indie auteur Kelly Reichardt

“Kelly is very warm and very loyal with a select few people,” he answers. “She’s just a private person. She believes in the work first, and is a little wary of the pomp and circumstance of press, and even for that matter talking about her work and her motivations.”

Fessenden, for his own part, has “never been shy” when it comes to interviews, but thinks there’s room for more than one approach. “You have the Hitchcock model; I think he was incredibly articulate, and brought a great deal to cinema by talking about his process. But there’s also Kubrick, who stopped doing interviews right when he became most intriguing, and as a result, his films are deeply haunting.”

Reichardt might lean towards the latter extreme, but, Fessenden concludes, that’s “extremely charming in this day in age, where everybody is flappin’ their gums at every opportunity!”


Read full article HERE

BUY River of Grass on Blu Ray and DVD

May 5, 2016
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River of Grass (fully restored) now available

For those of you who’ve had a difficult time searching for River of Grass on Blu-ray and DVD, the wait is over. The full restoration of Kelly Reichardt’s indie classic River of Grass is now available from Oscilloscope Labs.  featuring a commentary with Reichardt and Fessenden.You can purchase a copy on Amazon!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 2.10.52 PM

April 20, 2016
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River of Grass pops into Miami Beach Cinematheque

Reichardt recently premiered her latest film, Certain Women, at Sundance, where it was picked up by IFC for U.S. distribution and Sony for worldwide release. It reunites her with Williams and also features Laura Dern and Kristen Stewart. The director has done well for herself and grown much since she made River of Grass. 

She expresses a sort of mixed nostalgia of the restoration of her first film, finally admitting the best part about it may be its documentation of a North Miami that no longer exists. 

“Larry Fessenden and I did a commentary on the DVD,” she says, “and we watched it without sound, and I still haven’t seen it with sound, but it did seem like such a lifetime ago. We had such bad memories. We were like those two old Muppet guys in the balcony: ‘What did we do? We did what?’ And I think there are still parts of Miami that probably don’t exist anymore, so that part of it is interesting.”


March 17, 2016
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Throwback Thursday: 1993


Fessenden and Reichardt shooting River of Grass in Florida.
Newly restored version now playing at the IFC Center and streaming online at Fandor.

March 17, 2016
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RIVER OF GRASS at Boston’s Brattle Theater this week!


… One county over is Lee (Larry Fessenden), a layabout who lives with his grandmother until she kicks him out. Fessenden, who would go on to a lively career as a character actor and director of cult horror movies like 2001’s “Wendigo,” has a long, jellybean-shaped face, droopy hair, and a snaggle-toothed grin; he looks like rocker Nick Cave’s younger, mouthier brother and he has a loser’s kind of charm. He meets Cozy in a bar, where he confesses “I’m kind of in limbo now.” “Limbo. That sounds nice,” she replies…

Read the article at the Boston Globe

And don’t forget to see WENDIGO on 35mm at The Brattle NEXT week!!