August 20, 2018
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In Good Company: MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND in Kodak Ad

July 18, 2018
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FESSENDEN is RUDY; Most Beautiful Island unspools in Italy

MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND unspools in Italy, August 16th
as part of the CinemaSpain Spanish Film Festival!
Click HERE for tix


July 13, 2018
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Weekends with GEP: Most Beautiful Island

This weekend, we invite you to watch Ana Asensio’s MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND,
streaming on Amazon Prime.
Grand Jury Award Winner of SXSW 2017.
Official Selection of BAMCinemaFest, Fantasia Fest, and Sidewalk.

January 12, 2018
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MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND opens in Spain! Reviews from international press

“Así es ‘Most Beautiful Island’, la película ‘indie’ española que arrasa en EE UU”

“La ciudad araña”

“Ana Asensio estrena su ópera prima, ‘Most beautiful island’:
“El sexismo es una circunstancia y no la raíz del problema”


“Crítica de The Most Beautiful Island: Sorprendente Ana Asensio”

“Ana Asensio: “Vivir en Nueva York exige un precio muy alto”

‘Most beautiful island’: distopía a pie de calle

“Ana Asensio, la cineasta española más ‘indie’ estrena su premiada ópera prima”

La directora, guionista y actriz Ana Asensio triunfa en Estados Unidos
con su opera prima ‘Most Beautiful Island’


Ana Asensio: “Nueva York cuesta, te hace sentir pequeña”

November 21, 2017
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MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND nominated for a 2018 Independent Spirit Award!

MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND nominated for a 2018 Independent Spirit Award 
John Cassavetes Award for best feature made for under $500K

Also big congrats to THE TRANSFIGURATION, made by GEP pal Susan Leber
and featuring THE RANGER’S Chloe Levine and Fessenden

Check out all the nominations at Hollywood Reporter 

November 17, 2017
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MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND coming soon to the UK

Bloody-Disgusting’s Dax Ebaben said, “There has not been a film like Most Beautiful Island in recent memory,” now the UK quad poster and trailer have arrived signaling the release there.  Read the full review here before taking a look at the new artwork.  Check Bulldog Film Distribution’s Facebook and Twitter for more information on where to experience the film on the big screen.

Most Beautiful Island premiered to great reviews at this year’s BFI London Film Festival and also won the Grand Jury Award at SXSW 2017.  Written, directed by and starring Ana Asensio, who also produced alongside art-horror legend Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix (Stake Land, The House Of The Devil, Wendy & Lucy, Habit, Wendigo) this striking and chilling film comes to UK cinemas and VOD on December 1, 2017.

Read full article at Bloody Disgusting

November 13, 2017
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Entertainment Weekly: “A party turns hellish in thriller Most Beautiful Island clip”

From Entertainment Weekly:

In the new thriller Most Beautiful Island, a struggling, undocumented immigrant named Luciana agrees to attend a party in New York in exchange for a large amount of money. We’ll say no more about the plot of the film (which is now available to watch via On Demand and Digital), partly so as not to spoil it, and partly because the show’s star, writer, and first-time director Ana Ansensio agreed to pen a few sentences about the film and how she came to make it.

Most Beautiful Island is showing in 35mm on Friday November 17 2017 6:00 PM at Roxy Cinema Tribeca. Tix on sale!

November 3, 2017
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Ana Asensio’s MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND — NOW in theaters and VOD

“Most Beautiful Island presents an extreme example of what people will do to scrape by
but it does so without belittling its vulnerable characters.”
Village Voice

“Anchored by Asensio’s fearless and gripping performance,
“Most Beautiful Island” directs an unflinching point of view toward an often invisible population

Los Angeles Times

“uses restless tracking shots, hectic cityscapes, ambient noise
and sequences of prolonged stillness to conjure unease and dread”
The New York Times

“MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND is one of the year’s best films.”

“Ana Asensio’s directorial debut reveals a surprising,
strong-willed side to her undocumented New York immigrant character.”

“Asensio transports you into the streets of a distressed and grimy New York City
before plunging you into its dark and unforgiving depths
What you see there may shock you, but it sure does make for some gripping filmmaking.”
Bloody Disgusting

September 26, 2017
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Most Beautiful Island — exclusive trailer from Entertainment Weekly

Most Beautiful Island stars Ana Asensio as Luciana, a young immigrant woman struggling to make ends meet who is subjected to a series of physical and emotional extremes. Before her day is done, she finds herself a central participant in a cruel game where lives are placed at risk, and psyches are twisted and broken for the perverse entertainment of a privileged few.

“[The film is] an intimate exploration of solitude, identity and discovery,” says Asensio, who also wrote and directed the film, which won the Grand Jury prize at the year’s SXSW Festival. “The story was drawn from my own experiences as a young Spanish immigrant in New York City. We shot the film on super 16mm which was both a dream and an enormous challenge to accomplish due to our tight schedule and limited budget. I chose to shoot the film in an intimate, voyeuristic way, mixing professional actors with non-actors in improvised and fluid scenarios. Being an actor myself, it was crucial for me to make sure the performers received the necessary information about the roles they were playing while giving them freedom to improvise. This freedom helped tremendously in achieving the spontaneity and realism I wanted for the film.”

Read the Entertainment Weekly article HERE

September 20, 2017
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MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND to release November 3rd!

From Deadline:

Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films have set a November 3 release date in select cities for the SXSW Grand Jury Award-winning film Most Beautiful Island from filmmaker Ana Asensio. The psychological thriller was picked up this summer by Orion and Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Read full article here…