November 2, 2020
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Glass Eye Pix tributes Essential Workers of Film with new video, “BTS”

Glass Eye Pix tributes essential workers of film with an edit of the
behind-the-scenes movies created over the last 35 years.

Edit Chris Skotchdopole
Music Will Bates

Please visit GEP MINIDOX for more!

October 26, 2020
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GEP Minidox presents: INTERVIEW with JEFF GRACE

Glass Eye Pix 35th Anniversary Mini-Doc: Jeff Grace, composer for THE ROOST, THE LAST WINTER, TRIGGER MAN, I SELL THE DEAD, I CAN SEE YOU, LIBERTY KID, SKIN AND BONES, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, THE INNKEEPERS, STAKE LAND and more, talks about his process and his history with Glass Eye Pix. Interview and Edit by Larry Fessenden.
November 1, 2019
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Glass Eye Pix turns 34 — 2 November 2019

In celebration of 34 years in operation, GEP is pleased to present
a brand new MINIDOC
 in celebration of our family of artisans.

Glass Eye Pix 34th Anniversary Mini-Doc: Collaborator from 2005 to the present, writer, director and FX artist Glenn McQuaid is the auteur behind the feature I SELL THE DEAD, and shorts MARTIN, THE TROUBLE WITH DAD and episodes of the CREEPY CHRISTMAS FILM FEST.  McQuaid provided graphics and effects for numerous GEP productions including THE ROOST, THE LAST WINTER and BENEATH and created the GEP countdown Logos for a dozen GEP productions. McQuaid is the co-creator with Larry Fessenden of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, an award-winning series of macabre audio dramas, now a podcast. Edit by Chris Skotchdopole.

November 9, 2018
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Rue Morgue picks up Wexler MiniDoc

November 2, 2018
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Glass Eye Pix turns 33 TODAY: Wexler MiniDOC marks the day

In celebration of our 33rd year, Glass Eye Pix is excited to present a brand new miniDOC

Created by GEP pal Adam Barnick, today’s MiniDoc profiles prolific Glass Eye collaborator Jenn Wexler, director of THE RANGER, and producer on DEPRAVED, LIKE ME, MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND,  PSYCHOPATHS, DARLING and BENEATH as well as TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE and other GEP ventures.

And why not celebrate 33 years by spending some time with other Glass Eye Pix collaborators from the last 33years populating the MiniDocs Page or by browsing the other myriad links on the labyrinthian Glass Eye Pix website, meticulously maintained by GEP web maestro Rigo Garay.