April 3, 2020
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GEP Quaranstream: The Wendigo Of Manitou Valley

Glass Eye Pix presents a teaser trailer for MANITOU VALLEY
a pitch for an animated series from 2003

Created by Larry Fessenden, James Felix McKenney & Brahm Revel.

Just one of many UNPRODUCED JEMS from Glass Eye Pix

The Wendigo of Manitou Valley #1
available on Comixology!

Jack is new to the town of Manitou Valley, Maine. His optimistic dad works at the mysterious Maltox Factory making who-knows-what. When a monster wreaks havoc in the sleepy town, the towns-people blame the wood-creature known as the Wendigo, but Jack suspects it may be something else.
September 26, 2018
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Revel week continues with GEP project Manitou Valley

Enjoy a teaser trailer for MANITOU VALLEY from 2003.
Add the comic book to your collection,

also available for digital download on Comixology.

From Glass Eye Comix comes a tale inspired by Larry Fessenden’s indie horror film WENDIGO.
This 29-page full color comic book was written by James Felix McKenney and drawn,
inked and colored by Brahm Revel (Guerillas, X-men).

Meet Brahm Revel at
New York Comic Con!