August 28, 2013
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USA TODAY: Simon Barrett haunts a college DJ with ‘Dead Air’

From Brian Truitt at USA TODAY:

Check out an exclusive first listen at the episode from the upcoming second season of ‘Tales from Beyond the Pale.’

Simon Barrett unleashed a trio of masked killers on an unsuspecting family — and moviegoing public — as the screenwriter of the current horror film You’re Next, and next month he puts a college DJ through hell in old-school Hollywood fashion.
Dead Air, written and directed by Barrett, is part of the second season of Tales from   Continue Reading »

May 23, 2013
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BENEATH’s Jonny Orsini on Clowning Around with Nathan Lane, Nudity and Killer Piranha

WW: What about Beneath? It looks like a horror film that’s a cross between Hitchcock’s Lifeboat and Piranha.
Jonny Orsini: It’s coming out in July, but it’s not just a horror movie. Larry Fessenden is an environmentalist, so he makes these allegories, and the theme is often what happens when man messes with nature and nature comes right back. Beneath is about a bunch of kids who go out to party on a lake and trash it, and then killer   Continue Reading »