December 11, 2015
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LISTEN NOW: Take a Listen Down the Drain with Jeff Buhler’s GUTTERMOUTH – TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE SEASON 3

Indiewire hosts Jeff Buhler’s GUTTERMOUTH, a new TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE episode inspired by the fact that he’s “always been terrified of drains.” Streaming now!


Read on for more info and an interview with Jeff Buhler.

September 18, 2013
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Tales From Beyond The Pale on iTunes Top Audiobooks Chart

What’s America listening to? Opie and Anthony, Rob Lowe, Bill O’Reily and Tales From Beyond The Pale!

All the season 2 episodes of Glass Eye Pix’s acclaimed genre audio series are on the Top Audiobooks Arts & Entertainment Chart in iTunes.
And not only that– Glenn McQuaid’s crime suspense shocker, “The Crush,” and Jeff Buhler’s otherwordly campfire tale, “Stranger,” are in the top 10!
Help get them to the very top spots by downloading them from the iTunes store. Tales From Beyond The   Continue Reading »