December 2, 2015
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Patrick Bromley over at Daily Dead just wrote a review of THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION.


“If ever there was to be a Mt. Rushmore of modern horror, there’s no question that the face of Larry Fessenden would get prominent placement. One of the patron saints of indie horror, Fessenden is a true auteur and a true original whose incredible career is now being celebrated with the Scream Factory release of The Larry Fessenden Collection, containing four of his films and hours of bonus features that help illuminate just what a vital voice Fessenden has been in the genre for more than three decades. This is one of the best horror releases of the year … Scream Factory has done such great work with The Larry Fessenden Collection that it’s one of those rare cases where the supplemental content is every bit as good as the film(s) it’s supporting.”

Read on for the full review. 

October 20, 2015
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Entertainment Weekly: THE FESSENDEN COLLECTION Released Today, October 20.


ike some rubber axe-wielding Howard Stern, filmmaker Larry Fessenden is fast becoming the King of All Horror Media. With frequent collaborator Graham Reznick he wrote the 10,000-page script for last August’s video game Until Dawn and he is currently overseeing the third season of his creepy audio drama series Tales From Beyond the Pale, with another longtime associate Glenn McQuaid.

As an actor, Fessenden’s recent credits include FX’s The Strain and the now-available-on-Blu-ray We Are Still Here as well as director Mickey Keating’s forthcoming fright machine Darling and Joe Begos’ telekenesis action-thriller, The Mnd’s Eye. Finally, today, Scream Factory is releasing The Larry Fessenden Collection, a Blu-ray set which rounds up the director’s first four films (No TellingHabitWendigo, and The Last Winter) together with an impressive array of extras, not least the best animated short you’re ever likely to see about a werewolf Santa Claus.

And don’t forget — Today’s the release of THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION – collecting NO TELLING (1991), HABIT (1995), WENDIGO (2001), and THE LAST WINTER (2006) on Blu-Ray, with tons of special features, a 24-page book of liner notes, and more.


And see what Fessenden says is the scariest movie to watch this Halloween… all at Enteretainment Weekly



October 8, 2015
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Gothic Corners Covers HABIT’s New York

A new series celebrates GEP’s 30th Anniversary with mini-docs about the movies all month long! Today, Fessenden talks art direction and scouting NYC in the 90s to create the look for HABIT. The film screens TONIGHT 9pm at IFC Center with Fessenden & cast in attendance!

Director and Editor: Adam Barnick
Director of Photography/Sound: Ben Wolf
Makeup: Michele Dirks

October 7, 2015
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Glass Eye Pix’s 30th Anniversary Screenings and Events

This month we’re celebrating Glass Eye Pix’s 30th Anniversary and the release of Shout Factory’s new Blu-ray box set, THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION, with tons of screenings and events on both coasts! Come see our movies on the big screen, hang out with us in person, and help us ring in our 30th.

*Details below! More events to be listed on our Facebook page as we can divulge them!*


Thursday, October 8th – NYC
HABIT screening, with Fessenden & cast members in attendance!
IFC Center, 9PM EST
Part of New York Super Week 2015
Details & Tix:

Plus– Glass Eye Pix MIDNIGHT SCREENINGS all month long at IFC Center! Check back for details.



Thursday October 8th through Sunday October 11th – NYC
NEW YORK COMIC CON – Booth #1865
Come hang out with Fessenden and the GEP crew!


Sunday, October 18th – LOS ANGELES
I SELL THE DEAD screening as part of the Slamdance Cinema Series with Special Guests to be announced!
ArcLight Hollywood, 8PM PST
Details & Tix:


Monday, October 19th – LOS ANGELES
WENDIGO screening as part of the Slamdance Cinema Series with Special Guests to be announced!
ArcLight Hollywood, 8PM PST
Details & Tix:

Screenshot 2015-10-07 13.52.28

Tuesday, November 3rd – NYC
THE LAST WINTER screening and DARLING New York Premiere with Fessenden, Mickey Keating, and Special Guests from both films in attendance!
Scary Movies 9 at Lincoln Center, 7pm EST and 9:45pm EST
Details & Tix:


October 3, 2015
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Spectrefest 2015 HABIT Screening and Conversation with Fessenden Tomorrow – 10/4/15

Tomorrow night Fessenden will be in conversation with Cinefamily featuring a screening of his 1995 feature HABIT as part of Spectrefest. Tickets can be purchased from the Spectrefest site.


Join us for a night with filmmaker Larry Fessenden and a screening of his film, Habit.

Sam (Fessenden) is a spiraling alcoholic New Yorker. Still recovering from the shock of his father’s sudden death and in the midst of a break-up, Sam is looking forward to the freedom of single life: to be able to drink what he wants, when he wants. He is, in his own words, “committing suicide on the installment plan.” Sam has friends, but they are increasingly distant on account of his self destructive alcoholism. That’s when he meets Anna (Meredith Snaider) at a Halloween party, a mysterious and alluring woman who may or may not be a vampire. Sam and Anna embark on a fairly unorthodox union; Sam never sees her in daylight, and she is prone to biting during their aggressive sexual encounters. For Sam’s noncommittal self, this relationship seems ideal, but then he starts to fall dangerously ill, and Sam wonders if Anna’s love might come at a hidden cost.

This seminal work rocked the New York film scene upon its release in 1995, bringing a grounded realism to a supernatural tale in ways that invoked Cassavetes as much as Poe. In the 20 years that have followed, Fessenden has become a force in genre film with Glass Eye Pix, fostering numerous young talents such as Ti West and Kelly Reichardt, as well as going on to direct Wendigo and The Last Winter. Following the screening, Fessenden will join SpectreVision partner Daniel Noah for an in-depth discussion of his life and work.

Dir. Larry Fessenden, 1995, 112 min.

Watch the Cinefamily original trailer!

TRAILER: Fessenden + Habit from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

September 17, 2015
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Dread Central has details on the special features coming with Scream Factory’s release of THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION, which collects Fessenden’s NO TELLING, HABIT, WENDIGO, and THE LAST WINTER.

Scream Factory, in conjunction with IFC Midnight, will bring together four critically-acclaimed films by this multi-talented filmmaker with the release of the four-disc The Larry Fessenden Collection on Blu-ray on October 20, 2015. Marking the first time these films have been available on Blu-ray, The Larry Fessenden Collection includes No Telling, Habit, Wendigo, and The Last Winter and features new, director-supervised HD transfers. The first three hundred fans who pre-order their copies from will have their slipcase signed by Larry Fessenden.


Read on for full details.

August 3, 2015
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4th Act Film Collective Looks Back on HABIT

4th Act Film Collective, a new cinema blog, just posted an in-depth retrospective on Fessenden’s HABIT. Written by Craig Ian Mann, the piece is part review/part remembrance.

From ‘Death and Drink: Remembering Larry Fessenden’s Habit’:

Written, directed and edited by Fessenden, Habit is a truly sad, mesmerising and ultimately brilliant film about addiction, urban alienation and, yes, vampirism. But despite its inherent genre trappings, a documentary aesthetic – reminiscent of George A. Romero’s Martin – lends Habit a certain sense of realism. This is a beautiful if depressing snapshot of New York in the mid-1990s; a place where anything seems possible, but it is all too easy to get lost amongst the neon and noise. The film’s naturalism only renders its artistic flourishes more effective; Fessenden often cuts away from his characters, laying the soundtrack of their poignant dialogue over a montage of New York’s late-night city streets. And when the film does become truly surreal, – such as a scene that may or may not be a dream sequence in which Anna, withered and rotting, visits Sam in the middle of a fitful sleep – Habit’s grainy, choppily edited style only renders these moments all the more terrifying.

And Habit is terrifying. Perhaps it is not frightening in a way we might traditionally expect of a horror film – there are no jump scares here, and only a few scenes genuinely designed to shock. Instead, it is a chilling portrait of self-destruction. Fessenden’s is the stand-out performance; a realistic, unnerving portrait of a spiral into the abyss brought to life by a man who has clearly witnessed the devastating results of addiction first hand. And it is his ascent into the bottle that is really at the heart of Habit’s horror. A debate exists as to whether Anna is or is not a literal vampire but, honestly, the answer doesn’t matter; the true blood-sucker here is alcohol, a substance that slowly drains the life from Sam until he is a husk of his former self with nothing left to do but drink himself to death. Snaider’s uncaring vamp is simply along for the ride.


July 20, 2015
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Fangoria Revisits Fessenden’s HABIT

Fangoria just released an awesome write-up/revisit on HABIT, written, directed, and starring Fessenden. As writer Ken W. Hanley states, HABIT is “an astoundingly well-made tale of sex, blood and psychological distress that functions as not only a great horror film, but a great film period.”

From the article:

For those unfamiliar with this macabre indie masterpiece, HABIT follows a young, alcoholic man grieving the loss of his father and a recent break-up, who meets an enigmatic young woman at a Halloween party. Soon, he finds himself inexplicably obsessed with the woman, with whom he embarks in a sexually-driven relationship that involves violent nightly trysts and orgasmic bloodletting. However, the man soons finds himself experiencing an inexplicable illness, and as his symptoms become worse, he begins to suspect that his partner may be something more vicious than a vixen.

But to Fessenden’s credit, HABIT doesn’t look like a horror movie; in fact, the style of the film is incredible indicative of the work of his indie contemporaries Abel Ferrara, Jim Jarmusch and Richard Linklater in that there’s a very purposeful, intimate composition of every shot, yet the camera is allowed to breathe and move around. The film’s descent from urban fantasy to hallucinatory fever dream terror is gradual and contemplative but also hypnotic in a sense, and the audience gets almost a claustrophobic sense from the predicament from our hero. And once the film goes firmly into genre territory, it’s completely in line with the narrative, with drives just enough doubt into the situation to ride the line of psychological horror and full-on vampire flick.


July 8, 2015
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Shout! Factory – The Larry Fessenden Collection Artwork Revealed!

Shout! Factory just released the artwork for the special Larry Fessenden Collection Blu-Ray release!


From Shout! Factory’s Facebook Page:

Four tales of terror from the multi-talented filmmaker Larry Fessenden will be making their Blu-ray debuts on October 20th within THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION. As reported back in June, the films are NO TELLING (1991), HABIT (1995), WENDIGO (2001) and THE LAST WINTER (2006).

Extras on the 4-disc set will be announced at a later date but we can officially share the final artwork (provided from the Director himself) and also an exclusive offer if you order from us directly: The set will ship two weeks earlier than national street date PLUS the first 300 who order will received a signed slipcase from Mr. Fessenden himself!

Pre-Order the collection now!


June 5, 2015
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Fessenden Box Set out on Scream Factory in October