February 20, 2015
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Birth of the Living Dead among “10 Documentaries the Oscars Snubbed”

PastedGraphic-1-1-110 Stellar Culture Documentaries the Oscars Snubbed

by Melissa Stern

…. As a dedicated doc-watcher, as well as a documentary screener/curator for an international film festival for the past five years, I’ve found a few documentaries related to art and culture that have really stuck with me over the years.

Here is my roundup, not only of films from the last year but of the past decade. These are films you may have missed in theaters, never saw because they got a one-week showing in NYC and LA and nowhere else, or that were simply too far below the radar ….

….  Birth of the Living Deaddocuments the genesis and making of this seminal film, weaving it seamlessly into its late-sixties origins. There’s the added bonus of an extensive interview with a most delightful George Romero (the director of the 1968 film) as well as hilarious details of how this film was made on a shoestring in suburban Pittsburgh, with many from the local community volunteering to portray the first flesh-eating zombies of the modern era ….

Read the whole article at Hyperallergic

October 10, 2014
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Birth of the Living Dead/Night of the Living Dead Double-Feature in Brooklyn! 10/11/14


Tomorrow night (Saturday Oct 11), Glass Eye Pix presents a double-feature of BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD at Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

9:30PM Birth of the Living Dead
11PM Night of the Living Dead

Director Rob Kuhns, Producer Esther Cassidy, and Executive Producer Larry Fessenden will introduce!

Free to attend!

Get more details at Videology

October 24, 2013
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Fessenden Chats BOTLD with FEARnet

“I am very interested in the function of horror in society and how trends in scary movies reflect the national anxieties of a given era. Certainly after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, our fear flicks were populated by freaks of nature brought on by nuclear fallout: Them!, Tarantula and all the Godzilla films. During the Bush years we experienced a wave of torture porn, and so on. So it was more that Rob’s film was trying to integrate the historical with the artistic efforts of some indie upstarts that captivated me and seemed an expression of my own interests.” Continue Reading

September 26, 2013
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‘Birth of the Living Dead’ Trailer: Go Behind the Scenes of George Romero’s Zombie Legacy

From Movies.com:
“One of our favorite indie film studios, Glass Eye Pix, will be heading up a documentary on George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. Rob Kuhns (codirector and editor for PBS’ Enemies of War) is joining forces with executive producer Larry Fessenden for an in-depth look at the undead. Birth of the Living Dead will detail how an unassuming group of filmmakers in Pittsburgh started the zombie revolution with a script inspired by the sociopolitical horrors happening around   Continue Reading »