September 13, 2019
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Fessenden Frankenstein Mashup 2019

Fessenden inserts himself into the Frankenstein canon
with this update to his 2012 
mashup of 25 Frankenstein Films,
now including images from DEPRAVED.
October 7, 2014
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Fessenden Chats with Crave Online on his “Monster Agenda”

Director Larry Fessenden chats with Crave Online about ‘N is for Nexus’ and delves into philosophies on horror, monsters and audiences.

“I wanted to tell a story about all the little things that lead to a convergence that could be deadly, tragic and sad, all the things that I associate with horror. Not as much visceral horror as a sense of melancholy. So I wanted to put a lot of things in place, the idea of time and how the smallest prompt or delay can affect where you end up in a given day. So I had the girlfriend urging him on and then he forgets something so he goes back. Those precious 15 seconds made all the difference in this. The woman who’s driving the cab driver to move faster through the lights, he’s getting frustrated but he’s distracted. It’s just fun to try to have all those elements and build that piece.

My agenda always is to connect the audience somewhat to the characters, even if you have to do it quickly. That’s just my approach to horror so that the horror, the violence or the incident that occurs has some depth. That’s just because that’s the horror I’m speaking of, the feeling of loss that you end up with. When there’s a death, it’s not just oh, it was so gory. It’s that this changed my reality. That person is no longer with me and now I’ll have to deal with all the hauntings, the thoughts, the memories and so on. So I’m always interested in that more sweet spot of horror. I wanted to get pretty quickly to a relationship, they’re nagging at each other and then you get into the more visceral editing. I was excited to be able to work with fast cuts because in a feature I often like to slow things down, to make the audience watch a little more carefully. Here I was in a way liberated to edit quickly and see how much information you could get out of an image that lasts for a second and a half. It was fun.

Look at us having this conversation. We’re talking about horror but in fact it leads ultimately to questions of philosophical depth and that’s why I love the genre. You can take any kind of horror movie, and even if the filmmakers themselves weren’t actively engaged in those ideas, they’re in the DNA of the genre because you’re dealing with good, not even evil. I hate that term, but you’re dealing with adversity, fear which is the most potent emotion, let’s be honest, and that motivates all other emotions. And then whether you do the right thing in a crisis is of course one of the main questions in life.”

Check out the full interview here.

June 23, 2014
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PopDose Premieres Fessenden’s Frankenstein Music Video! premieres the music video of Life In A Blender’s “Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped,” directed by Fessenden!

The song is from Life in a Blender’s new album We Already Have Birds That Sing.

Watch the video below and see the original article at Listen to more Life in a Blender at