August 8, 2014
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Aram Garriga’s AMERICAN JESUS continues its festival run this weekend with a screening at SoulFest in Gilford, NH. As an added bonus, interviewee Frank Schaeffer (pictured) will be in attendance for a Q&A! Check out the SoulFest website for the full schedule of concerts, events, and other screenings.

September 10, 2013
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How Jesus Took America Hostage — “American Jesus” the Movie

” American Jesus is an important documentary that will redefine how the world looks at America and how we Americans look at ourselves… with a level of intuitive intelligence I’ve never seen before in a film on religion”
–Frank Schaeffer

The new Glass Eye Pix documentary by Aram Garriga is given a remarkable analysis by Frank Schaeffer on Huffington Post.
American Jesus has its world premiere at the Woodstock film festival Friday October 4 and its International Premier at Sitges later this month.
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