July 7, 2015
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Fantasia International Announces Full Lineup, Including TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE: LIVE!

This year’s Fantasia International Film Festival—Montreal’s amazing film fest that runs from July 14th to August 4th, 2015—includes a live TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE!


From the press release:

Monday July 27, 10PM at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club
Fantasia is thrilled to be presenting the first-ever Canadian presentation of indie genre legends Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid’s adored TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE radio drama.
Touting itself as “Radio plays for the digital age”, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE has become the stuff of horror legend in the five years since its inception. Prepare yourself for a trip back in time with live radio drama, complete with musical accompaniment, on-stage foley work, and extensive sound design – all created before your very eyes (and ears)!
With performances across the United States, popular CD sets, a Communicator Award of Excellence, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE shows are notoriously entertaining, imaginative, frightening… and FUN.
And now, it’s coming for Montreal.
Fantasia is immensely proud to present the first-ever TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE live show on Canadian soil.
Taking its inspiration from the vintage radio shows of Hitchcock and Welles, TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE is the creation of acclaimed independent filmmakers Larry Fessenden (HABITTHE LAST WINTER) and Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEADV/H/S). Through them, their extensive Glass Eye Pix production team, and indie film allies, they’ve produced a unique series of “radio play” podcasts and theatrical storytelling happenings that have mesmerized and amazed audiences lucky enough to have the experience.
For this special Canadian debut, the Glass Eye Pix team are putting together a night that will surely go down in festival history, featuring all new Tales by McQuaid, Fessenden, and series newcomer Douglas Buck (SISTERSTHE THEATRE BIZARRE), starring a special secret cast to be revealed soon!


March 31, 2015
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TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE: The Stanley Edition at Stanley Film Festival

Our pals over at ShockTillYouDrop have the scoop on the full lineup at the Stanley Film Festival: the only Film Festival that takes place at the Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for The Shining. And while the Fest is holding all sorts of awesome events, we’d like to draw your attention to the GEP produced TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE: The Stanley Edition!

As described by the fest:

Glass Eye Pix Presents TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE: The Stanley Edition is an ongoing series of audio dramas penned by luminaries from the world of contemporary horror from JT Petty (HELLBENDERS) to Simon Barrett (YOU’RE NEXT), and Kim Newman (ANO DRACULA), featuring players from Ron Perlman (HELLBOY), to Angus Scrimm (PHANTASM), and Mark Margolis (AMERICAN HORROR STORY). The Stanley edition will feature performers culled from the film lineup as well as local band, Munly & the Lupercalians. Join horror impresarios Glenn McQuaid and Larry Fessenden as they invite you to close your eyes and… listen. Learn more at talesfrombeyondthepale.com. This event is open to SFF Redrum & Horror Marathon badge holders, individual tickets can be purchased beginning April 2 for $13 DFS member and locals / $15 non-members

Also scheduled for the Fest: Horror Trivia (presented by Shock), the 40th Anniversary screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a haunted house, and much more! Will we see you there?

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