August 25, 2020
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A Fantasia Exclusive: The New York State Of Horror, A Presentation by Mike Gingold

For decades, the provinces of screen horror were European castles and villages, Southwest/California towns and deserts, and Hollywood sets—until 1968’s ROSEMARY’S BABY, when terror moved into New York City and never left. This presentation will chronicle the history of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs in genre cinema, addressing many specific titles—from expensive studio fare to down-and-dirty independents—lensed on and under its streets, classic and recurring locations, and how the many sides of the city were explored and exploited by filmmakers. Resident auteurs such as Larry Fessenden, William Lustig, Abel Ferrara, Larry Cohen and Frank Henenlotter will be addressed, as will the ways in which New York City-set scare flicks reflected the changes in the city itself over the years.

Join author/filmmaker Michael Gingold (AD NAUSEAM) to take a bloody bite out of the Big Apple! The free event is on August 29, 3PM EDT.


July 27, 2018
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THE RANGER Fantasia review round-up!

“a visceral, bloody fun ride.”
– 9 To 5

“Jenn Wexler’s feature debut The Ranger
is a throwback to the 80’s woodland slasher,

with a feminist twist.”
– SciFi Now

“a fantastic character study of a young girl trying to find her way in the world,
complemented with angsty punk music,
excellent visuals,
and o
ccasional blood-splatter.”
– Ms En Scene

“a pleasant slasher that should be viewed by all.”
– HorrorMovies.CA

August 16, 2016
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Tribute to Fantasia in Paste Magazine


After hours, Fantasia earns its reputation as a summer camp for the greater genre film industry with its regular pub night. On any given night during the three weeks of the festival you will find attendees taking over the back terrace of the nearby Irish Embassy Pub. Old friends get to connect and introduce new friends to one another, and nearly any combination of filmmaker, critic, and fan seems to blissfully make sense. Though I tragically turned in early the night that Miike decided to stop in for a pint, I did manage to say hello to the eccentric Larry Fessenden and spy the Troma-rific Lloyd Kaufman sporting his beloved Tupac hoodie. I don’t bring this up to start a name-dropping contest, but rather to highlight how communal and accessible Fantasia is to professionals and fans alike.
June 10, 2015
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Just Announced: GEP and Graham Reznick’s THE DESIGNER at Frontières

News just hit that the GEP-produced and Graham Reznick-written/directed THE DESIGNER was invited into Frontières at Fantasia Fest. What is Frontières?

“Frontières is the first and only co-production market to connect North America with Europe in an environment specifically focused on genre film production and financing. Frontières marks its return to Fantasia with an expanded project line-up that will allow more projects to participate in live pitch sessions.”

Twitch has a full list of the second wave of projects heading to Frontières, but be sure to READ ON for the teaser for THE DESIGNER featuring Fessenden!

August 16, 2013
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Fessenden at Fantasia Frontières: Mortuary Collection and Grizzled Subculture

Of all the projects being hawked at individual tables at the Frontières International Co-Production Market during Montreal’s Fantasia festival, the one with most attention-grabbing setup was Glass Eye Pix’s horror anthology THE MORTUARY COLLECTION. Read on for the visual and verbal details.
Director Ryan Spindell and producer Brent Kunkle of Glass Eye placed the props seen below to visually represent THE MORTUARY COLLECTION, a four-part tale of terror that will mark Spindell’s feature debut after shorts like KIRKSDALE (which impressed   Continue Reading »