November 4, 2015
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Diabolique Magazine Calls Fessenden America’s Unsung Auteur

Joe Yanick of Diabolique Magazine wrote an extensive look back at the career of Fessenden through a review of THE LARRY FESSENDEN COLLECTION.


“Fessenden prefigured the style of horror cinema that would basically define the last decade. It’s smart, idea-driven work that pays homage to the history of horror rather than stick its nose up to it.”

Read on for the full review.

July 17, 2013
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Diabolique Interview: Larry Fessenden on JUG FACE, BENEATH

From Ken W. Hanley at
For two decades now, independent genre filmmaker Larry Fessenden has navigated the world of horror, fighting against other low-budget horror outlets to emerge as a gateway for some of the most promising talents in the horror community today. Without Fessenden at the wheel of his ship, subversive horror might have drifted too far into the realm of satire or exploitation. And while Fessenden works his magic with his production company, Glass Eye Pix, the man   Continue Reading »