September 24, 2018
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Guerillas: Omnibus Edition by GEP pal Brahm Revel, coming Feb 27!

From The Hollywood Reporter:
The critically acclaimed series by Venture Bros. storyboard artist Revel is collected in one edition for the first time, telling the full story of what happens when a private on his first tour of duty in Vietnam discovers an elite platoon of ape soldiers. “All said and done, Guerrillas took me almost 10 years to complete,” Revel explains. “Luckily, it was a story flexible enough to adapt to the changing sensibilities of a maturing artist. What started as a youthful adventure, wandered into ruminations on war, the nature of man, and the relationships between fathers and sons. All that and monkeys, too — not so bad!”

Available now, comics from Glass Eye Pix, including WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER, I SELL THE DEADMANITOU VALLEY and more! Revel has also designed posters and advent calendars for GEP and penned episodes of the CREEPY CHRISTMAS FILM FEST and TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE.

July 8, 2016
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New 30th Anniversary mini-Doc: Brahm Revel, long-time GEP collaborator

Our 30th Anniversary Hootenanny continues with this series of Legacy Docs celebrating the community and collaborators that have kept us honest all these years…

Glass Eye Pix 30th Anniversary Mini-Doc: Collaborator from 1999 to the present, artist and writer BRAHM REVEL has provided storyboards, design sketches, comic book adaptations, and animations for numerous projects including WENDIGO, THE ROOST, MANITOU VALLEY, THE LAST WINTER, BENEATH, and I SELL THE DEAD. Revel has also designed posters and advent calendars for GEP and penned episodes of the CREEPY CHRISTMAS FILM FEST and TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE. Edit by Chris Skotchdopole.

March 4, 2016
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WENDIGO Comic Makes Best of the Week Roundup

The comic book adaptation of WENDIGO (now reprinted digitally on Comixology) by Fessenden, Brahm Revel, and Peter Chung, makes The Creators Project’s list of the best comics of the week.

Comics Week 7 Header

Story by Larry Fessenden, art by Brahm Revel, letters by Peter Chung.

Based on the Glass Eye Pix film Wendigo (2001) written and directed by Larry Fessenden, this comic adaptation originally hit shelves almost 15 years ago. Now, thanks to Comixology, the frenetic work is available again digitally. The story follows a family taking a weekend off in the woods, and follows a tenuous relationship between a father, a son, a mother, a hunter, and a Wendigo—an Algonquian cryptozoological spirit of the forest. Full of tense moments and complicated family dynamics, and illustrated in stark black-and-white by Revel that invoke everything from early American woodcuts to Chick tracts, Wendigo is a 70-page love letter to folkloric horror.

Read the full article here.

November 20, 2015
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Indiewire’s hosting brand new Season 3 episodes of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE. Check out the newest, JUNK SCIENCE by Brahm Revel.

Read on for more info and an interview with Brahm Revel.

July 11, 2013
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What do BENEATH and X-MEN have in common? Answer: BRAHM REVEL!

Just announced at Comic-Con: Long time Glass Eye Pix graphic artist Brahm Revel (illustrator of comics for WENDIGO, I SELL THE DEAD, WHAT ARE YOU VOTING FOR?, THE LAST WINTER, BENEATH) will be writing and drawing the new X-Men!

Three new Marvel Knights miniseries launching in successive months will feature creators mostly known for their work at independent publishers with some of Marvel’s biggest icons, starting in October with Marvel Knights: Spider-Man from writer Matt Kindt and artist Marco Rudy. November   Continue Reading »

July 10, 2013
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BENEATH Comic Book Now Available On ComiXology!

The BENEATH comic is now available on!

A prequel to Larry Fessenden’s new monster movie, the BENEATH comic reveals the history of the mysterious Black Lake and the mythology that surrounds teenage Johnny’s most treasured possession.
Synopsis: In the 1970’s two kids get the shot of a lifetime on their instamatic before witnessing a gang of tripping teens get slaughtered by a giant fish.
Written by BENEATH writers Tony Daniel and Brian D. Smith, produced by Fessenden, and illustrated by Brahm Revel   Continue Reading »