November 23, 2020
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New Video by Fessenden for “Birdthrower” drops: MEDICATION

Birdthrower (aka Robert O Leaver) tells Relix, “’Medication’ was the song of mine that caused Ben to phone me up and suggest working together.  It was a quirky version of the song done on a Kaos pad with me doing some demented background vocals. Ben heard the humor, but I think he also recognized the real human struggle that found its way into the vibe of the song.  Ultimately in the studio we steered the song in a more acoustic slinky funky direction which ended up being just right. He has an uncanny ear and sense of what is authentic and true in music.  His intense focus on helping each song realize itself was something to behold, and I was sad when our time in the studio was over.”

As for the video, he adds, “Never in the history of music videos has a song and an outfit been so right for each other. We are all struggling through a desperate and absurd time. Laughter is always the right medication.”

Relix has the scoop

September 18, 2020
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BIRDTHROWER Live from Glen Atty – A Ben Harper Facebook Exclusive

Fessenden films a live performance by GEP pal and longtime collaborator
Robert Leaver (co-writer, THE LAST WINTER, performance artist Crawling Home)
also known as BIRDTHROWER. Shot in Glen Atty, an upstate base camp for GEP

(location of WENDIGO, BITTER FEAST and more). 

Brought to you by Glass Eye Pix and
Mad Bunny Records.

December 6, 2019
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Weekends with GEP: Spend some time with Robert O Leaver

Prolific GEP collaborator
(co-writer on THE LAST WINTER and forthcoming HOMESICK),
musician, performance artist and poet in residence

Enjoy his collaboration with Ben Harper entitled Birdthrower.
Streaming on Spotify & iTunes.

Watch the GEP Birdthrower videos.
“Dig A Hole”, “Crawl Away With Me“, “Days Of Never Before“.

or watch him Crawl the length of Manhattan on hands and knees in this
epic performance piece chronicled by Glass Eye Pix.

March 3, 2017
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Birdthrower LIVE Sat 3/4/17 in NYC

LIVE AT HOWL! 6 East 1st St. & Bowery, NYC. Saturday March 4th, 7pm.

GEP pal Robert O. Leaver (co-writer, The Last Winter) AKA Birdthrower, will perform LIVE Saturday.
Birdthrower has been making noise on Ben Harper’s Instagram page this last month
with videos by Glass Eye Pix. Check them here and here