August 7, 2014
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Gamescom teaser looks a lot like UNTIL DAWN

Today, Sony posted another mysterious teaser hinting at the potential re-reveal of UNTIL DAWN at Gamescom 2014. The snippet features a bloody axe plunging into a stump amidst an eerily frozen atmosphere. While the teaser is light on actual information, it promises that a big announcement is coming soon. What do YOU think Sony has up its sleeve? Check out the teaser below, and read the writeup on!

January 29, 2014
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Winter Film Awards honors Larry Fessenden with “Patron of the Cinema” Award


Fessenden to receive the Winter Film Awards “Patron of the Cinema” Award!

Check out the press release below.

From the Press Release

As part of the 2014 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival awards presentation Ceremony taking place March 1st 2014 at The EMPIRE ROOM @230 FIFTH, the Winter Film Awards Board of Directors is pleased to honor New York cinema icon Larry Fessenden with the first annual PATRON OF THE CINEMA Award. The award is presented to an individual whose career transcends their work in the cinema by branching out into other artistic mediums, and who shares a passion for the cinema by mentoring up-and-coming filmmakers.

“And it doesn’t hurt if they’re a New Yorker,” smiled Board of Directors member Joseph Mauceri. “The bottom line is that this art form is a business and there are just too few people working in this industry who give back and transcend it by cultivating and inspiring young talent. In creating the Patron of the Cinema Award, I can think of no other person to be the first recipient  of this award then the man, the myth, the legend, and native New Yorker Larry Fessenden.”

See the full article at PRLog.

Get all the details on the 2014 Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival see their website here.