“There’s not a single wrong note in “Liberty Kid,” Ilya Chaiken’s poignant drama.
Tender, wise and deceptively low-key… everything about this film feels effortless. ‘Critic’s Pick’”

“THERE is no shortage of films about the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but there is a lack of good ones.
The low-budget indie “Liberty Kid,” produced by downtown auteur Larry Fessenden,
is one of those that succeeds…
 a poignant look at what might be called 9/11′s collateral damage.”
—New York Post


We invite you to watch Ilya Chaiken’s indie gem, one of Glass Eye Pix’s finest hours, produced with long-time compadres Mike Ryan, Roger Kass and Brent Kunkle at a link that seems defunct but still functioning, like our nation… Check it!

Liberty Kid on amazon