From Screen Anarchy: In the article series Sound and Vision we take a look at music videos from notable directors. This week we look at Life in a Blender’s Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped, directed by Larry Fessenden.

Larry Fessenden loves Frankenstein. It might even be an understatement to call it love. In an interview I did with him for the Dutch-language film magazine Schokkend Nieuws he stated: “It’s how I see the world. It’s my religion, my mythology.”

Fessenden, who as a director might be most well known for two Wendigo-related features he made (the coming-of-age horror Wendigo and the eco horror The Last Winter), and his contributions for the game Until Dawn, keeps often returning to the same themes in his work. The wendigo-myth is one, but Frankenstein is the other big main staple. In Habit a person wearing a Frankenstein-mask shows up at a party, and N is for Nexus, his segment for ABCs of Death is a cheeky retelling of Frankenstein surrounding a Halloween-themed traffic accident. It is in two other films, in which he explores the limits of science, that his love for Frankenstein most clearly shines through.

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