Wendigo Model Kit

Glass Eye Pix (2002 13 inch Model Kit)

13 inch resin model kit. Assembly required.


The Wendigo is a ferocious spirit from Native American mythology. No account of the Wendigo is the same, and this model represents a figment of imagination visited upon a young school boy in the 1970’s. I heard the story of a creature, half-man, half-deer running through the snowy woods wailing, “Weeeeeendiigooo.” This then is my Wendigo. — Larry Fessenden



Sculptor: John Guenther, Blix Studios
Molds: David Meyer, Black Star Models
Box art: Brahm Revel, Ognito Inc.
Photos: Nelson Bakerman, Nelson Bakerman Photography
Design & notes: Larry Fessenden, Glass Eye Pix
Production: James McKenney, MonsterPants