Wendigo Comic

story: LARRY FESSENDEN, art: BRAHAM REVEL (2002 80 Pages)

Adaptation of the screenplay WENDIGO by Larry Fessenden: An urban family traveling to the country for a quiet weekend retreat, encounter horrors in the woods, real and imagined.

FESSENDEN: “Before there was a film, I knew I wanted to make a comicbook based on the script I’d written. And I knew that working with a comicbook artist, Id be able to create basic storyboard concepts, and have an opportunity to pre-visualize the film before production. I met Brahm Revel the day of the Colombine Murders, through a mutual friend, while they were students at New Yorks Cooper Union. Brahm was ripe to design his first full-length comic book, and we embarked on a collaboration that would last two years, from before pre-production to after post.”

BRAHM REVEL: Born 24 years ago in the old port town of San Francisco. He was raised in the heart of the Mission district, by a single mother and a small child named Camus. At the tender age of 17 he headed east to try his luck in Old New York. After a four year bid at the Cooper Union he relocated to a dilapidated warehouse in Brooklyn to draw comics. His first professional work came when an eccentric benefactor named Larry Fessenden, commissioned a 75 page comic adaptation of his movie Wendigo. Since then Brahm has made rent as a realtor, a wallpaper manufacturer, a print technician, and an amateur bullshit artist. Hes done illustration work for Supreme Skateboards, Broke-in Magazine, and other independent filmmakers. He doesnt have a web page or a cell phone and has a great fondness for cheap beer and monkeys who think they’re people.