The Inpatient

Larry Fessenden & Graham Reznick (2018 Playstation 4, Supermassive Games, Survivor horror)

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You’re in a sanatorium and you can’t remember who you are. Explore and discover where
you are and make choices that will drastically effect your story and your ending. Set on
Blackwood Mountain, 60 years before the events of Until Dawn.

MATTHEW GALLENSTEIN (Billy Bates) – An actor known for his work on Drama: A Comedy Pilot (2011), Dormir (2013) and Darkstar (2015).

ERIKA WALTER (Anna Bennet) – An actress known for Supernatural, Arrow and Travelers.

MICHAEL WEAVER (Gordon Bennet) – An actor, writer, director and musician who first came to prominence as Officer Smy in Broken Lizard’s comedy hit Super Troopers. A move from New York to Los Angeles prompted his debut in TV playing the series lead on The Mullets.

BRUCE GRAY (Jefferson Bragg) – An actor that most Canadians would know as the star of the TV series Traders (Gemini Award), but most Americans would recognize him as the Father of the groom in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

ALEX PAIGE FREAM (Suzanne Daniels) – An actress and writer, known for  Solve (2018) and Titanic: Sinking the Myths (2017).

ELIMU NELSON (George Hawthorne) – An actor know for the film, Love Don’t Cost A Thing with additional television roles including Modern Family, Castle, House Of Lies, Criminal Minds, Hit The Floor, The Shield and Private Practice.

MELODIE CASTA (Victoria LaBoucher) -An actress, dancer and writer born and raised in Paris. She studied Visual Arts and Art History at the French University La Sorbonne for 2 years – She studied dance at the prestigious Alvin Ailey School in NYC. There she performed for acclaimed companies such as Gallim, LevyDance among others. She is a graduate from The Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco.

KEVIN McHALE (David Miller) – An actor, known for Glee (2009), True Blood (2008) and Glee: The 3D Concert Movie (2011).

ARNOLD Y. KIM (Victor Milgram) – An actor and producer, known for Trainwreck (2015), Hotel Harbor View (2003) and Jack, Jules, Esther & Me (2013).

JARRETH J. MERZ (Ted Moseley) – An actor and director, known for Titans (2018), Six (2017) and The Passion of the Christ (2004).

MAX LLOYD-JONES (Abe White) – An actor, known for War for the Planet of the Apes (2017).