The House of the Devil/I Can See You Film Score

Jeff Grace and Graham Reznick (2009 CD, music JEFF GRACE and GRAHAM REZNICK)

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Soundtrack for the motion picture THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL/I CAN SEE YOU by Will Bates and Graham Reznick.

“Our favorite master of the avant garde, Jeff Grace, is back with two new scores both featured on this spine-chilling album: House of the Devil (the new film by The Roost director Ti West) and I Can See You (a highly original thriller directed by Graham Reznick, who also contributed two tracks to this soundtrack). As always, Jeff Grace approaches the horror genre and his films with an unmatched freshness. Right from the creepy opening of House of the Devil, with its detuned piano theme, through the ominous string writing and the atonal, intense action music, House of the Devil is – in our opinion – the best American horror score of the year. And I Can See You is not far behind, and certainly also a very special score where Grace surprises with some Tangerine Dream-inspired atmospheric electronic music in addition to his trademark string writing. House of the Devil opens in US theatres on October 30 and I Can See You comes out on DVD on October 27.”

Composed by: Jeff Grace

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Sample Tracks
Name Number
Opening 01
On the Run 10
The House of the Devil 13
Doug Returns 19
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1. Opening 1:10
2. Family Photos 2:24
3. The View Upstairs 1:45
4. Original Inhabitants 3:05
5. Meeting Mr. Ulman 1:12
6. Keep the Change 1:12
7. Footsteps 1:27
8. Mother 3:07
9. Chalice 0:51
10. On the Run 3:45
11. Lights Out 3:04
12. He’s Calling You 1:50
13. The House of the Devil 5:49
14. Mrs. Ulman 2:04I CAN SEE YOU
15. Today In New York City 2:24
16. Pitch Meeting 2:53
17. Summer Day 6:22
18. Looking for Doug and Summer 1:35
19. Doug Returns 1:26
20. Doug Escapes 1:28
21. Where Are You Now? 2:59
22. The Cliff 4:05
23. Evening Fog 1:59
24. I Can See You 0:57
25. Swimming Hole 4:24
26. Passing Trees 1:11