Tales From Beyond The Pale: Special Live Events

Larry Fessenden & Glenn McQuaid (2014, 2015 Live Events)

An ongoing series of one-time-only live events performed at Film Festivals and other genre gatherings.

Snappy dialogue, a chilling premise, and talented actors led by Larry Fessenden of Glass Eye Pix made for a truly memorable experience.

I give this event and these two gentleman my highest recommendation. In fact, thank God that they do the things they do. I swear, it makes the world, or at least the horror world, a better place. This piece doesn’t begin to touch the brilliance and liveliness that is “Tales From Beyond the Pale” and the performers who are behind it. Look it up! You must see it! You must!

It distills the nature of telling a horror story down to the basics without any sort of flashiness and it was a welcome alternative

The piece itself was nicely atmospheric, character driven, funny and chilling in a gleeful way. It evoked exactly the sensation I was hoping for, an oddly soothing old-timey experience that reached back to the genre elements that made me fall in love with horror as a child. Think of it as comfort food for the tortured soul.



Fastasia Edition, Montreal Canada

Performed Live july 27 2015


SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Glenn McQuaid and April Snellings)

BARRICADE (Larry Fessenden)

Three Tales of Terror performed live during the Fantasia Festival Summer 2015

Featuring: Tony Todd, Jeremy Gardner, Larry Fessenden, Roxanne Benjamin, Sam Zimmerman





Live CO Tales-from-Beyond-the-Pale-The Stanley Edition: Parlor Tricks

Performed LIVE 1 May 2015, Historic Park Theater, Estes Park, CO

A budding tradition and must-see at the annual Stanley Film Festival in Estes Park, CO is Tales From Beyond the Pale Live, an in-flesh, festival-tailored iteration of the Larry Fessenden & Glenn McQuaid-produced horror audio dramas. One of the festival’s more experiential events, Tales From Beyond the Pale Live: The Stanley Edition is written exclusively for the Stanley and features performers in person, as well as the magic of live foley, sound and music. It’s a treat that both reveals the form and yet draws you in even further.

Writer: Glenn McQuaid & April Snellings (COLD READING), Larry Fessenden (NO SIGNAL)

Cast: Barbara Crampton, Leon Vitali, Larry Fessenden





TalesLAposter-e1414264489479-360x556L.A. Stories

Performed LIVE 29 October 2014, Silent Movie Theater, Los Angeles, CA

Glass Eye Pix heads to SpectreFest at Cinefamily in LA this Wednesday, Oct 29, for a live show of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, with three new stories from Fessenden, McQuaid and Chapman!

Writers: Clay McLedd Chapman & Glenn McQuaid, Larry Fessenden








The Stanley Edition: Tales We Tell

Performed LIVE 26 April 2014, Historic Park Theater, Estes Park, CO

Live from The Stanley Film Festival. These tales of terror are inspired by Colorado’s Stanley Hotel and its surroundings, which also served as the muse for Stephen King’s THE SHINING. Featuring the voice talents of Fessenden, Martin Starr, AJ Bowen, Ana Asensio, Jocelyn DeBoer, Martha Harmon Pardee and Sam Zimmerman.

Writer: Clay McLedd Chapman, Larry Fessenden and Glenn McQuaid

Cast: Larry Fessenden, Martin Starr, AJ Bowen, Ana Asensio, Jocelyn DeBoer, Martha Harmon Pardee and Sam Zimmerman.


Barbara Crampton – A Long Island born actressBarbara achieved her greatest enduring cult popularity as sweet college coed “Megan Halsey” in Stuart Gordon’s terrific RE-ANIMATOR. She gave an excellent performance as the ambitious, but prim and repressed “Dr. Katherine McMichaels” in the equally fine FROM BEYOND. Crampton was quite engaging as the perky “Suzie Lynn” in the fun CHOPPING MALL and typically solid as the unhappy “Susan Reilly” in CASTLE FREAK. Her impressive cult career was hand in hand with horror icon Stuart Gordon, but she also gave her audience a great performance in cult film directed by horror prodigy Adam Wingard, YOU’RE NEXT.


Leon Vitali – An actor from England. He started off his career assisting cinema legend, Stanley Kubrick; on films such as THE SHINING and FULL METAL JACKET. He is known for his work on BARRY LYNDON, EYES WIDE SHUT and LITTLE CHILDREN.

Kate Flannery – Best known for her role as “Meredith” on NBC’s Emmy winning series THE OFFICE. Her comedy lounge act, “The Lampshades”, continues to play Hollywood and many clubs around the country. Kate played Harper’s mom on WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE and her other TV work includes Last Comic Standing, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Curb Your Enthusiasm and she was the voice of “Lucy” in a Robert Smigel cartoon on Saturday Night Live: Al Gore/Phish.

Joshua Leonard – Los Angeles-based actor and filmmaker, who first garnered attention for his memorable role in 1999’s lo-fi thriller, The Blair Witch Project THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Leonard has continued to work in projects that push the envelope, including 2009’s Independent Spirit Award-winning HUMPDAY, HBO’s acclaimed series, HUNG and Showtime’s UNITED STATES OF TARA.

Martin Starr – He started off his career very young, in the cult TV show FREAKS AND GEEKS. He then was casted into blockbuster comedy hits such as SUPERBAD, THIS IS THE END and KNOCKED UP.

Pat Healy – A Chicago born actor and writer, known for MAGNOLIA, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, RESCUE DAWN and THE INNKEEPERS.


Ana Asensio – Born in Madrid, Spain. She is known for her work on PLANTA 25, ALONE and BETTY LA FLACA.

AJ BowenFor the past decade, AJ has worked prolifically in independent film, focusing primarily on art house genre fare. He’s garnered critical acclaim for performances in such notable films as THE SIGNAL, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, YOU’RE NEXT and THE SACRAMENT.

Lance Reddick – An actor and producer from Baltimore, known for his work on FRINGE ,THE WIRE and JOHN WICK.

Jocelyn DeBoer – An actress known to kick some Nazi Zombie ass in the film DEAD SNOW: RED VS. DEAD. The zombie comedy, from HANSEL AND GRETEL helmer Tommy Wirkola, premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Cooper Roth – An actor, known for SUPER BUDDIES, HOMEROOM and COOTIES.

Martha Harmon Pardee – An actress, known for THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU and BAD KID.

LARRY FESSENDENCurator, Producer – Is the director of the art-horror films NO TELLING, HABIT, WENDIGO, THE LAST WINTER and BENEATH. He is a producer on dozens of projects in and out of the horror genre including STAKE LAND, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, I SELL THE DEAD, THE COMEDY, and WENDY AND LUCY as well as the audio series TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, created with the mad Irishman Glenn McQuaid. Fessenden has operated Glass Eye Pix since 1985 with the mission of supporting individual voices in the arts.

GLENN McQUAID, Curator, Producer – Writer director Glenn McQuaid was born and raised on the North side of Dublin. McQuaid’s first Collaboration with Larry Fessenden came about when he coordinated the visual effects on THE ROOST. Since then he has worked on several of Glass Eye Pix productions including THE LAST WINTER, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and STAKELAND. McQuaid’s feature debut I Sell the Dead was a festival favorite that sold to IFC and is currently available to rent or buy at all decent retailers. He is currently curating TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, and developing various feature projects.

GRAHAM REZNICKSound Design and Music – A Glass Eye Pix regular, Reznick is the writer and director of films such as THE VIEWER and I CAN SEE YOU. He has also done plenty of sound work on  Glass Eye films such as THE ROOST, THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, STAKE LAND and BENEATH, as well as a few horror favorites like V/H/S and THE SACRAMENT.  

JENN WEXLER, Producer – A Glass Eye Pix producer, Jenn has worked very close with Tales Beyond the Pale. She has also produced films such as BENEATH and N IS FOR NEXUS, a segment in the anthology horror film THE ABC’S OF DEATH 2.

CHROME CANYON, Live Music – A musician from New York, his synth-powered epics are inspired by the movie scores of BLADE RUNNER, TRON and CAT PEOPLE.

JOHN MOROS, Live Sound Design – He is a Sound Editor/Designer/Mixer/Supervisor. He has done work on multiple titles such as STAKE LAND, EUROPA REPORT and HALF NELSON.

TREVOR DENHAM, Poster Art – He is an Illustrator and comic artist. He has done art for Mad Monster Magazine, Glass Eye Pix, Diabolique Magazine and more.

REBEKAH BROWN, Associate Producer

LEE NUSSBAUM, Tech – Known for his extensive technical work on the anthology horror film V/H/S. 

CHRIS SKOTCHDOPOLE, Foley – A Glass Eye Pix team member and overseer, Chris has worked closely with Larry Fessenden on multiple projects.


CLAY McLEOD CHAPMAN, Foley – He is a writer and actor, known for THE BOY, LATE BLOOMER and EXTENSIONS.

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