Riding Shotgun

Dir. Jack Fessenden (2013 32 min, Sony NEX VG20, 1.85)

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Atticus and Max are just two ordinary teenagers who spend their days bickering over the little things while all around them the big thing is closing in…

Riding Shotgun is a short film which started out as two kids’ fantasy, and turned into a 30 minute film that premiered at The Woodstock Film Festival and went on to play other venues.

Jack Fessenden – Max

Larry Fessenden – Countryman

Owen Campbell – Junkyard Zombie 

Michael Vincent – Roadkill Zombie

Jack Warren – Finale Zombie

Jude Tallichet – Rope-Munching Zombie

Matt Freedman – Finale Zombie

Paul Hoffman – Finale Zombie

Leo Lasdun – Finale Zombie

Clayton Pickard – Finale Zombie

Raphael Pierson Sante – Finale Zombie

Steve Saturn – Finale Zombie

Asa Spurlock – Finale Zombie

Cyrus Spurlock – Finale Zombie

Jack Fessenden – Producer/Writer/Director/Editor/Actor

Larry Fessenden – Producer/Director of Photography/Actor

Beck Underwood – Art & Costumes/Camera

Jack Warren – Assistant Director