Impact Addict Videos

Dir. Larry Fessenden and David Leslie (1986-89 Four 3-10 minute videos)

IMPACT ADDICT (1987, 9 mins) David Leslie recounts the boyhood dreams and desires the pushed him over the edge. Then, wrapped in a suit of lights, he plummets three stories onto a bed of cold steel. CHINATOWN (1986, 6 mins) The Impact Addict tears into New York’s Chinatown dressed as the 1986 tiger and explodes into the ’87 hare in a blaze of color and fire. MISMATCH (1987, 11 mins) Leslie survives three grueling rounds with super heavyweight boxer Riddick Bowe on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry as it churns past Lady Liberty. KUNG FU FIGHTING (1987, 4 mins) The Impact Addict crashes through the pipe tile roof of a New York Dojo and pays for damages in a battle with 6 Kung Fu Masters.

The Evel Knievel of Performance Art

a cross between Evel Knievel and Marcel Duchamp

America’s own King of Pain

It happened too fast to be visible to these naked eyes. Now he belongs to the videotape

David Leslie – Also known as The Impact Addict for his death defying stunts that are captured on camera by his friend and colleague, Larry Fessenden. He is a director and actor, known for Stunt: A Musical Motion Picture (1989), Chinatown (1986) and Mismatch(1987).

Larry Fessenden – Worked side by side with David Leslie, to capture and piece together these jaw dropping, nail bitting stunts.