“El Valtrex”

Director. James Siewert (2013 Music video for the band Dr. Skinnybones)

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Dr. Skinnybones’s “El Valtrex” music video. The track off the album Bad Education.



Founded in 2010, Dr. Skinnybones has seen quite a few members. The current incarnation features Jake Williams, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Ben Hopkins and Ethan Jones. All songs are written by Jake Williams. The band release their first LP, “Bad Education” in September 2012. The second LP “A Last Hurrah for the Glory of Drinking Alone” was released on Halloween, 2013.

James Siewert, Director – TBD

Larry Fessenden, Producer/Actor – TBD

Chris Skotchdopole, Producer – TBD

Jesse LoCascio, Director of Photography – TBD