Be Mee TV Presents

Dir. Larry Fessenden (1982 1982, 8 episode Public Access Cable TV series)

Cable access variety show with your host, B. Mee.


Be Mee TV…no need to be lonely anymore.

Our Man, B. Mee

A four month education in editing. Shot on weekends with varying degrees of preparation, the half-hour episodes were then spliced during long hours on NYU editing equipment.

More cinematic than SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, the 9-episode series features our man BRENDAN MEE hosting featurettes and skits ranging from comedy to drama, and live rock videos by JUST DESERTS.

Alex Wolfe in The Duel Renatta VeneerOur host

Not as media-savvy as your average 90’s cable show, but boisterous often alcohol-induced highlights include a twenty minute version of HABIT (1981), THE DUEL, TENANTS, THE BLOOD DRENCHED CURSE OF MAD EVA’S PALM, STAYING ALIVE, and BRIEF PREVIEWS with Fessenden and Mee as Gene Thick of the Times and Ron thin of the Sun reviewing movies like Fessenden’s super 8mm G.I. Joe-scale JAWS remake that had no shark. (two thumbs down).

B. Mee