Beneath Film Score

Will Bates/Fall on Your Sword (2013 CD, music FALL ON YOUR SWORD and GRAHAM REZNICK)

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Soundtrack for the motion picture BENEATH by Will Bates and Graham Reznick.

“Probably the wackiest, and perhaps creepiest musical-design treatment that a mega-piranha has yet gotten, “Beneath” uses teeth-scraping metallic effects and berserk buzzing, so much so that the score’s subject feels like it’s about a swarm of killer bees. There’s much cleverness to be had with a solitary rowboat of fresh young meat, from country-jazz to the real, chilling deal of a solo violin and off-kilter strings that capture the seemingly placid water. Sword’s score floats effectively on Graham Reznick’s “ambiences,” which often sounds like sonar on the prowl. “Beneath” might be a bit avante garde in approach, but there’s certainly enough musical content with water-like harps and mournful voices to hook in adventurous listeners already out to snag the cool outer limits in sound design scores.”

“Having grown up in a family of horror movie actors, I have always wanted to score a film like Beneath,” Bates mentions. “It’s in my blood, I guess. I had been following the work of Glass Eye for some time, and working with Larry was a real joy – a truly collaborative process. I think we made something really special together.” —Will Bates

“The tone of Beneath is particularly tricky, as I was going for sincerity and satire, melancholy and menace all skewed with a certain heightened reality that places the story in the realm of allegory,” says film director Fessenden. He adds, “I’m particularly fond of the album Will [Bates] has put together here because he lets some of the musical ideas hinted at in the film breathe”. —Larry Fessenden

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