The Trouble With Dad
(2021, Dir. Glenn McQuaid, 18 mins)
Produced by Jenn Wexler. Cinematography by Gordon Arkenberg. Starring Peter B. Rogan, Bridget Dolan and Clay McLeod Chapman.

An elderly man looks for his dog, Charlie, while his daughter tries to move him out of the house.

Part of Chilling Visions: 5 STATES OF FEAR, a horror anthology which includes 5 short films including THE CAREGIVER by GEP alum Graham Reznick. 

Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD, V/H/S) directs THE TROUBLE WITH DAD for a Chiller TV anthology film, written by McQuaid and frequent co-writer Clay McLeod Chapman (who also acts in the film). Cinematography by regular Graham Reznick D.P. Gordon Arkenberg who also shot Fessenden’s BENEATH, and produced for Glass Eye Pix by Jenn Wexler. Chris Skotchdopole was AD on the picture.

McQuaid wanted to depict the horror of encroaching Alzheimer’s in an aging man living alone and increasingly mistrusting his own understanding of reality and his opportunistic family members. McQuaid pays tribute to his own father’s struggle with the debilitating condition. The tale concludes with a spectacular set piece ripped from the pulpy EC COMICS that have influenced so much of McQuaid’s work, designed by Shiloh Kidd, art director on BENEATH.

The film was shot at Glen Atty which has been featured in many Glass Eye Pix films, including WENDIGO and BITTER FEAST.
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