SEE SAW: writer/director Ben Duff. (2014, 9 mins)
Cinematography by Ben Duff.
Featuring Annabeth Faucher and Bryan Papciak.
G&E by Abbey Killheffer.

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Director’s Statement:

This was my final project in my junior year video class in college. People always say that scent is the sense that is strongest tied to memory, but I think that sound is up there as well. I thought it might be interesting to compare the idea of a lost memory to the idea of a song being stuck in your head… a song you can’t quite place. I thought that might be similar to the idea of witnessing something horrible – not being able to remember but also not being able to forget. The idea was that the song would build as the memory progressed, until the memory became fully formed. It was also kind of an exploration of the idea called a “memory palace” – in which recollection is envisioned as exploring a physical space. 
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