Glass Eye Pix is proud to announce the challenging and warm transgender doc 
is now available on iTunes and amazon and DVD!
Executive producer Larry Fessenden

“This film is a masterpiece.”

“This documentary will have you questioning what is normal.
It’s a movie that I’d recommend to everyone.”

“Heartwarming and Heartbreaking. Who is Markie? A human being,
in all their marvelous complexity. That’s all we need to know.”
—Hammer To Nail

“The movie is not just about Mark or Markie;
it is a window into the souls of all of us.”

“With its light touch, candid camera approach,
this documentary gets under the skin of the issue.”

“Director Matt Kliegman completely immerses us in
Mark’s life without sugarcoating his feelings.”

“This film generated some of the most powerful emotions
we experienced while screening this year.”
—True/False Film Festival

“Markie in Milwaukee is a vitally important film in today’s climate.
Markie Wenzel has been dealt a raw hand in life, but her story
can help future generations to avoid the same hardships.”

“We need more stories like
Markie in Milwaukee in the public eye.”

“Every once in a while, we stumble across
people whose stories beg to be heard.”

“Markie in Milwaukee offers an uncertain but hopeful tone”

“A significant contribution to the contemporary canon
of transgender narratives.”
—Tabitha Jackson Sundance Institute Documentary Fund