THE RANGER wins Best Soundtrack at the Fantaspoa Film Festival!!

Director Jenn Wexler and Music Supervisor Middagh Goodwin sit with From & Inspired By podcast to discuss THE RANGER.  

From the Podcast: “Director Jenn Wexler’s debut feature, The Ranger, is a fun but brutal movie about a bunch of punks who hole up in a cabin while on the lam, only to be stalked and killed by a psychotic park ranger. It’s been getting a lot of acclaim from everyone I know who’s seen it, so I reached out via Twitter, especially after reading a piece music supervisor Middagh Goodwin wrote for the Modesto View, running down all the great bands he’d lined up for the film.

After watching the movie, I was even more excited to talk with Wexler and Goodwin, and I think it comes through in the interview. We get very goofy, and it’s a damn blast.”

Listen to Interview HERE