Along with a fierce dedication to chronicling the creative process
behind most of our feature films in “Behind-the-scenes” and “making of” documentaries,
and in “minidox” that celebrate our collaborators,
Glass Eye Pix has been involved in several documentary features over the years,
exploring identity, culture and religion.


The forthcoming MARKIE IN MILWAUKEE (2019, Matt Kliegman) was assembled from over 10 years of footage to tell the immersive, intimate story of a midwestern transgender woman as she struggles with the pressures of her fundamentalist church, family and community.


BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD (2013, Rob Kuhns) is an exploration of the cultural moment in which the seminal zombie film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD was created, featuring an vibrant and candid interview with creator George Romero and several thoughtful commentators reflecting on the legacy of the film.
“marvelous” — Time Out, NY “critic’s pick” —NYTimes


AMERICAN JESUS (2013, Aram Garriga) Garriga’s ambitious portrait of the diverse expressions of Christianity across American Culture  from Bikers for Christ to Hard-core Christian bands, from mega-church preachers to snake charmers. Featuring profound interviews with scholars, theologians and the hucksters.
“one of the best and most interesting documentaries on religion.”— 


THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE (1999, Richard Sandler) A personal portrait of the myriad and diverse religious zealots who populated the streets of New York City’s Times Square at the turn of the last century as the area was stripped of porn shops and family owned business to make way for Disney and Corporate America.(watch in full at the link above)
“loopy, engaging” — NYTimes


And perhaps our greatest DOC of all, the grammatically-errantly-titled BAT’S YOUR LEATHERY FRIENDS (2005) Ti West interviews Merlin Tuttle, bat advocate and founder of Bat Conservation International, in order to dispel misconceptions about our leathery friends stemming from movies like West’s THE ROOST. A Glass Eye Pix production. (watch in full at the link above)