Low Impact Filmmaking


"New from Glass Eye pix and Larry Fessenden is Low Impact Filmmaking, an engaging guide to environmentally sound film production. Drawing upon his experience making the echo-horror flick No Telling, Fessenden has combined theory with practice in this slim but informative volume.

In the first of four sections, Fessenden offers progressive production tips ranging from the obvious (recycle paper supplies, etc.) to the novel (using new florescent lights). In the book's brief second part, Fessenden discusses the impact these practices had on the making of his film and suggests ways in which to instill an environmentally-aware mindset on the set of a feature film. The third section is a catalog of the reasons why we should care about all of this. Detailing the effects of global warming, chlorofluorocarbon proliferation, and excessive meat consumption on the world we live in, Fessenden instills urgency in his proposals.

The final section is a valuable appendix of resources for the environmentally conscious filmmaker as well as a hit list of anti-environmental companies. Although some of Fessenden's suggestions can sound a bit curmudgeonly (rationing Coca Cola, for example), the book overall makes good reading for producers and production managers struck by the wastefulness accompanying the average feature film production."

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