taleslogoFrom Charlie J.J. Kruger at Horror-Punks.com:

“I remember Tales From The Darkside. I remember Tales From The Crypt. I remember the re-done Twilight Zone and Outer Limits shows. I remember all of the Simpsons Treehouse Halloween episodes. I remember and I miss these things. Once a year we get a new Simpsons Halloween episode, a few years ago we had Masters of Horror and Fear Itself… but now… Horror Compilations are a thing to love and respect. Weekly (or monthly, or yearly, or whenever they damn-well feel like it) stories about whatever tickles an author, all compiled and assembled into a structure, a form… I love it. I love these ‘get a taste’ samplers because I can learn about so many new writers, so many new actors, so many new directors… so much new horror.

Tales From The Pale is another name I can add to that list. I can chalk it up with these greats, but also with the old radio serials I remember my grandfather and father talking about. Serials like The Shadow.

In this new second season of the podcast/radio show, we get a few new stories by a few seasoned authors. New jumps, new chills. New horrors, new thrills. They have sound effects, thrown voices, characters, settings, and depth. They don’t fall into the ‘this is a novelty, so I wont try all that hard’ category. Each story is a detailed and loving creation. Each one is careful and sinful all in its own way. Each one is very, very real… in a manner of speaking.

A standout for me, one that I actually listened to twice, back to back out of enjoyment was episode 8, Caper. I loved the grit, the drama, the cold realism in the strangeness. I loved the voice work, and the light, but authentic sounding noises and backgrounds helped to paint a vivid picture.

It was refreshing to HEAR such wonderful horror. Movies have the ability to go overboard and show toooooo much, and not let you imagine anything, where as books can sometimes leave a bit too much to the mind (if the author isn’t painting pictures with their words), but this radio-drama was able to play in both fields. Carefully.

I am excited to hear what else comes from this show. I now have to set out to gather up the first seasons episodes, seeing as I have missed them, and I am now eagerly awaiting season 3.”