Wendigo*, Bitter Feast, The Trouble With Dad, Riding Shotgun, The Ranger, Depraved, Like Me, The Last Winer, Foxhole, Fever, Creepy Christmas shorts Crafty, Wild Ride; Presence; music videos for Mark Donato, Life in a Blender, Unwanted Houseguest, Birdthrower; prop shop for I Sell The Dead and Stake Land, to name just some of the motion picture projects shot and developed at Glass Eye Pix North in Upstate New York. Also has served as makeshift recording hub for albums by The Strangers, Holiday, and Still Rusty (!)… 

Now, a private company in California wants to seize local land and  build a hydro-electric power plant a half mile from GEP North. Write a letter in protest if you want to help stop the Dam!

Glass Eye fans know that we are radically pro green energy here, but flooding a pristine forest preserve is not the answer to energy woes. Visit the newly minted website SaveCatskillsPreserve.org to learn why the project is ill-conceived, and  take a moment to write a letter to FERC. Sample letters and simple instructions are all available at the site. Comments from folks far and wide are acceptable, so you can make a difference wherever you are!

Remember, we can’t make these damn no-budget movies without a backyard and a barn!

* Careful viewers who know the themes of Fessenden’s Wendigo will appreciate the irony that this is happening again to the same upstate community that had taken land from the Native Americans, only to have their own towns eradicated for New York’s City’s reservoir, now the site of this new eminent domain struggle.