Glass Eye Pix is happy to present a special Halloween offering from one of our youngest artisans, Jack Fessenden, who co-wrote, directed, starred, edited, and scored this zombie film from 2013.

Having grown up on the sets of I SELL THE DEAD, BITTER FEAST and most significantly, STAKE LAND, young Fessenden teamed with pal Alex Hoffman to create this movie about friendship and the un-dead in the apocalypse.

Shot in locations seen in his subsequent film STRAY BULLETS, and featuring GEP pal Mike “Dragon” Vincent (FRANKENSTEIN CANNOT BE STOPPED, ABCs OF DEATH: NEXUS), Larry Fessenden, and long-time Glass Eye collaborator Owen Campbell (BITTER FEAST, DEPRAVED, Tales’ The Hole Digger, The Ram King).

Zombie makeup provided by long-time GEP pal and collaborator Brian Spears.

Sound design and mix by long-time collaborator John Moros (Tales, STRAY BULLETS, DEPRAVED)

Premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival, paired with the Glass Eye Pix presentation BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD by director Rob Kuhns.

Some time after the film was completed, young Fessenden told his father: “Just so you know, I’m not going to keep making horror movies.”

We’ll see, little fellow, we’ll see Buhahahahahahahahhhhhhh!

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