From Fango’s Ken Hanley

As someone who grew up watching the many horror films of the ’90s, it’s always a bit disappointing to hear the decade get so much flack for its contributions to the genre. Sure, the ’80s are a tough act to follow, considering how many phenomenal, practical FX-driven fright films were spawned during that time, but the ’90s has had its fair share of awesome scare fare, most of which are miles more memorable that the decades that have come since. Even the guilty pleasures of the ’90s- your DEEP BLUE SEAs and ANACONDAs and what-have-you- are much easier to defend than some of the stinkers of the ’80s! So with that on our macabre mind, FANGORIA has decided to list off ten absolutely awesome ’90s horror offerings for your creepy consideration!



With ‘90s New York serving as an all-too-essential backdrop, this story of a mourning, alcoholic misfit who finds solace in a dangerous new lover is one sure to haunt viewers long after the film has ended. Directed by and starring the incredible horror auteur Larry Fessenden, HABIT is a surreal and mature vampire love story that’s far bloodier and more adult than what the TWILIGHT crowd might expect.

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