“ScoreKeeper’s List Of Nine Composers Who Should Be Scoring More Movies

Jeff Grace

Jeff Grace got his start providing various music services for Howard Shore including music preparation, producing, and editing. In 2005 his debut feature film score The Roost (2005) established an enduring relationship with indie-darling director Ti West which continues to this day. It’s a score of uncompromising creativity harnessing the unique sound qualities of chamber strings and a superlative example of “less-is-more” precision scoring.

What intrigues me the most about Grace’s music is that with each new score he composes, his work seems to be getting better. I was nearly knocked out of my seat by his dark retro music for The House of the Devil (2009) and his score for The Innkeepers (2011) is a horror masterwork which ended up #6 on my list of favorite film scores that year.

Grace’s music is thoughtfully composed lacking any of the “canned” samples or loops that are so prevalent in modern scores. Even when technology is brought into his music, the work of the artist prevails over the work of the computer. Grace’s music is wholly original yet each is cut from the fabric of nostalgia. It’s also wildly unpredictable. Throughout my tenure as a film music journalist I’ve interviewed a bunch of different composers; however, I’ve never been offered the opportunity to interview Jeff Grace. He seems to avoid the usual social media and public relation services that so many composers utilize. If you’re reading this Jeff, email me. I’d love to do an interview with you sometime.

Other noteworthy scores: The Last Winter (2007), I Sell The Dead (2009), Stake Land (2011)”

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