GEP’s BIRTH OF THE LIVING DEAD is now On Demand, on iTunes and in theaters in Los Angeles (Arena Cinema), Seattle (Grand Illusion Cinema), Santa Fe (The Screen) and Greensboro, NC (Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema). The movie comes to NYC’s IFC Center November 6th. Check out all the theatrical screening dates here, and get a look at an exclusive clip on Apple Trailers.

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GEP pal JT Petty’s HELLBENDERS is in theaters and On Demand TODAY with Clifton Collins Jr, Clancy Brown, Fessenden, et al. Check out the trailer for the horror-comedy about blasphemous Catholic Priests who sin to take down demons.


JUG FACE, the backwoods horror film featuring Fessenden alongside Lauren Ashley Carter, Sean Bridgers, Sean Young, and Daniel Manche, is now out on iTunes, On Demand, Blu-ray & DVD!


And we’re featuring 2 new TALES over at the Tales From Beyond The Pale Listening Room. This week’s double bill is all about Scary Children, with JT Petty’s “Johnny Boy” and Clay McLeod Chapman’s “Like Father, Like Son.”

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