Directed by James Felix McKenney.

Featuring Don Wood, Larry Fessenden, Christine Spencer,
Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister and Michael Berryman.

“Satan Hates You is a clever collision of flamboyant gore and
social commentary 
that never goes too far with anything save mordant wit”
– Variety

“Weird and wild… a truly subversive work of art.”
– Shock Cinema

“At a time when the Tea Party and Religious Right groups have
a stranglehold on “morality” and government, Satan Hates You
is just about the most timely horror film out there… full of piss and vinegar…
Normally the appearance of so many famous horror icons is a red flag for me,
but in this case, McKenney made some great casting decisions that served the story
rather than trivialize the actors… 
another great entry into the genre by Monsterpants
and Glass Eye Pix. 
There’s something in the water there in NYC,
and I’d love to have a pitcher of it.”

—All Things Horror

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