Takal is a Glass Eye Collaborator from her New York City days and

is featured in Graham Reznick’s THE CHAMBERS TAPE, 
Now Streaming at Tales From Beyond The Pale The Podcast.

From Complex Distractions
The episode, which starred Misha Collins(Castiel on Supernatural) and Sophia Takal (director of the new Black Christmas) was originally released a few years ago on iTunes and Audible, but today it’s being released for free on Tales From Beyond The Pale podcast. If you’re not familiar with Tales From Beyond The Pale, folks you’re in for a treat. Created by independent horror legend Larry Fessenden and film director Glenn McQuaid for Glass Eye Pix Studios, the podcast is described as “radio plays for the digital age”, and they are simply magical. Hosted by Fessenden, each episode is 30 minutes of the bizarre, the twisted, and the mind-melting. And today, you will be able to listen to Reznick’s take on the 70s New Age horror for free.