From Austin Chronicle: In The Beach House, as the name would imply, it’s the sea. Ominous bubbling from an undersea thermal vent give dark warning that something sealed in the ocean is awakening. But the depths of most concern to Emily (Liberato, Light as a Feather) and Randall (Le Gros, last seen playing the source corpse in Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein reenvisioning Depraved) are those of their strained relationship. It’s not fractured or broken yet, but his plan to take her away for a weekend retreat at his estranged father’s Massachusetts beach house is intended to relieve the pressure of what could become divergent paths. She has ambitions of academia, he (the son living in the shadow of the never-seen “Doc”) would rather waste his time on the coast than in the classroom. Their efforts to bind their bonds together again face additional stresses when a couple of Doc’s friends, Mitch (Weber) and Jane (Nagel), turn out to have been invited to stay as well, but they’re nice enough.

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