Glass Eye Pix presents THE EGG AND THE HATCHET,
a short film by GEP collaborator Chris Skotchdopole.
Starring Taylor Zaudtke and Jeremy Gardner


Jeremy Gardner first came into the Glass Eye fold when he invited Fessenden to do a voice over for his seminal film THE BATTERY. Fessenden recommended Jeremy for the role in Chris Skotchdopole’s movie.

Taylor Zaudtke was a Glass Eye Pix intern when Chris cast her in the role. This was her first performance. She has since made other films, often starring opposite Jeremy (SADISTIC INTENTIONS, AFTER MIDNIGHT) and now they are engaged to be married!

Chris had produced two music videos for Glass Eye Pix with James Siewert directing. This was the first time James was a DOP for a Glass Eye movie. Siewert would go on to shoot GEP flix LIKE ME and THE RANGER and Skotchdopole and Siewert would both serve as DOPs on Fessenden’s DEPRAVED.

The crew was made up of Glass Eye interns: Ben Duff was Gaffer, his first film gaffing.  This was intern Rigo Garay’s first movie on set as Production Manager. And intern Walter Montiel was an Associate Producer.

The production rolled into the feature shoot for STRAY BULLETS, sharing crew and equipment, the first successful implementation of the idea of the Piggyback film, an old GEP idea from 1989 where a short film could be made with the equipment and manpower already employed for a feature.

THE EGG AND THE HATCHET made the festival round in 2016-17. Since that time, Chris made a big trim to the movie, a tradition at Glass Eye Pix set by Fessenden who often re-cuts his films after they premier (NO TELLING, WENDIGO, HABIT and THE LAST WINTER all got a facelift after their first public screenings. So did THE SHINING by Mr. Kubrick.)

GEP CineZone presents: the world premier of the new edit of THE EGG AND THE HATCHET.

behind the scenes during the shoot