As Fessenden embarks on the second annual Shudder Labs Outing in Upstate NewYork with GEPals Peter Phok, Jenn Wexler, Clay MacLeod Chapman, Shudder host Sam Zimmerman and a team of horror lovers, Film School Rejects posts and aptly timed article on the streaming service. What are you waiting for?

Streaming and live-streams, and scares—oh my!

Like any self-respecting content consumer, I subscribe to an embarrassing amount of podcasts. As a result, I’ve heard my fair share of gotta-keep-the-lights-on adverts, but I’ve never been bothered to use a promo code, let alone google or buy a product. That is until I heard Elijah Wood sing the praises of Shudder, a niche, subscription-based streaming service geared to horror nerds. I’ve never opened a search bar so fast.

Shudder has been able to provide more than just recycled titles and low-quality indie fare. They’ve made available films that were otherwise hard to come by through the regular channels; from Larry Fessenden’s Habit to classics from F.W. Murnau. Perusing Shudder feels like being let into a fallout vault, well-stocked with everything from old favorites to genre classics, to challenging new fare.

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