To mark the release of ‘The Shape of Water,’ we’ve compiled a list of Guillermo del Toro projects we probably won’t ever get to see.

The arrival of a new Guillermo del Toro movie is always an exciting time to be alive. Whether it’s a low key genre project or a big monster blockbuster, the Mexican director knows how to hit the sweet spot of many a film fan — especially those of us who appreciate all things fantastical, spooky, and strange.

GDT is also a filmmaker with a devout cult fan base, which means some of us cling to his every word more than we should sometimes. When he announces a new project or even suggests one as a throwaway notion, our collective hopes rise to the heavens. Shortly after, though, they fall back down to earth as we’ve learned by now to accept that most of the projects the great man mentions rarely materialize.

Even though his movies have brought so much magic and joy to our lives, the projects that never came to be have brought us heartache and a case of wondering what could have been. It’s not his fault by any means — and we should appreciate what we have — but when a filmmaker captures hearts and imaginations as majestically as del Toro does, it’s impossible not to yearn for the movies and TV shows that never came to be.

With that being said, let’s reflect on the projects he’s been associated with throughout the years in some capacity and determine whether or not they’ll ever escape development hell. After all, as the great Canadian poet Justin Bieber once said, “never say never.”


What was it? In 2007, it was announced that del Toro would serve as an executive producer on an American remake of the Spanish chiller The Orphanage, which he also produced. Larry Fessenden was being lined up to direct the feature, and, in 2011, Amy Adamswas being touted to star.

Will it ever happen? The last shred of news came in 2013, stating that the remake was still happening at some point. The camp has been quiet since, but you can never ever rule out an English-language remake of a successful foreign horror film.
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