Diversity is always a healthy thing, and in recent years it’s been great seeing the Hudson Valley’s musical identity widen to encompass the more challenging art rock styles that have evolved since the heyday of the immortal Band/Dylan axis. And to that end, on July 7 the Avalon Lounge will present an evening that features several legends of New York’s influential 1980s/1990s Downtown noise rock scene when the venue welcomes the Whimbrels and the Wharton Tiers Ensemble.

The Wharton Tiers Ensemble is led by drummer Wharton Tiers, who has performed with Laurie Anderson and Glenn Branca and since 1982 has managed the seminal Fun City Studio, where he has worked with Sonic Youth, White Zombie, Swans, Dinosaur Jr., Pussy Galore, the Lunachicks, Helmet, and many others (to date, Tiers has recorded and produced over 200 records). Also on the bill for the night is Kingston indie outfit Overheard.

The Whimbrels, the Wharton Tiers Ensemble, and Overheard will perform at Avalon Lounge in Catskill on July 7 at 8pm. Tickets are $12.